One Word to Focus On When Choosing that Special Outfit

Vivian Graf

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that just last weekend I attended the wonderful season opening party at the Hotel Vitznauerhof. Such a beautiful hotel and an amazing invitation.

I was so excited to go and then suddenly came the dilemma. What to wear? Doing a little research (aka asking friends – smile), gave a little insight into what some other guests would be wearing. Time to go on an outfit hunt to comply… or not!

Frantically scouring the streets of Zurich I then discovered a fantastic new store Vivian Graf.  It was in the changing room, whilst trying on half the store (smile)  I realised the one word I focus on when choosing that special outfit. One very understated word that has kept true to me through all my styling decisions. Even for my corporate wardrobe!

This article shares this one word with you in the hope of giving you a little more courage the next time you need to search for a new special occasion outfit.


One Word to Focus On When Choosing that Special Outfit

Vivian Graf

Coming straight to the point, the one word I focus on when choosing that special outfit is:


That’s right as simple as that. A new special outfit needs to be different. Different from anything currently in my own wardrobe. Different from what others might be wearing and  different from what one might normally wear to such an occasion.

At the same time it has to be good quality! This is not the time to resort to something “cheap and cheerful”.

Vivian Graf

Vivian Graf

Trying on a number of pretty items in Vivian Graf (online store here), I fell in love with this outfit. The colour combination is totally new for my wardrobe. Not to mention it simply fitted perfectly.

Vivian Graf

Being so different it really caught peoples attention and I really lost count on the number of wonderful complements I received. I felt like a million dollars and it’s all because I had chosen something “different” from the norm.

Vivian Graf

About Vivian Graf

Vivian comes from Zurich and moved to New York where she studied at Parsons The New School of Designs. Later working for a number of smaller fashion labels. Here she developed her passion for knitwear. It didn’t take long for her very own knitwear collection to be created.

2012 she moved to Berlin, working for Lala Berlin. Later she moved back to Zurich, initially with the intention of selling her knitwear to a number of boutiques. She opened her first very own store in Zurich’s Niederdorf.

After a small break to have a family Vivian has just this month opened a brand new store right in the centre of town in the Nüschelerstrasse 1.

She loves clothes that tell a story.

I fell in love with the store at first sight. There is truly something for a variety of tastes and budgets. In addition to clothing a wonderful selection of accessories and shoes. It is also the perfect place to look for a gift for someone who has it all.

Vivian Graf

This article was written in collaboration with Vivian Graf but all opinions are my own.


Nüschelerstrasse 1

8001 Zürich

Tel: +41 (0)44 212 60 10


All photos taken at Hotel Vitznaerhof – a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

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ps: a special thanks to my dear friend Brenda for taking the photos of me.

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  1. Okay, I always think you look good in clothes, but this outfit is just so great on you! I’m crazy about each piece individually, and then you pair them and WOW THAT IS SO GREAT! Plus, each item will work so well separately. You deserved all those compliments! Way to shop, lady!

  2. I love your Outfit and it is for sure different and just right for a new Opening Affair love the look of the Fitznauerhof it looks really beautiful and inviting

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