NZ Designer Discovery and an Exclusive Discount Code

Hi Everyone,

A trip to NZ wouldn’t be complete without a spot of shopping – checking out the new designs in store and following up on favourite NZ designers.

One of my favourite designers over the years has been Andrea Moore – I love the way she creates new looks each season which are so unique to her brand and at the same time totally in line with current top trends. This visit I was ever so fortunate to meet Andrea in person  – for me always such an honour to meet a successful designer as they have managed to do that which I always used to dream about.

Interesting facts learnt about Andrea Moore designs:
  1. Her fabric designs are created in house – with extra care and sentimentality behind each symbol. Currently Birds, Snakes and Flowers are featuring heavily.
  2.  A fabulous new sunglass collection is about to be launched in February this year!
  3. Andrea has a second label “AM”, especially designed so that every piece is under NZD 200 – this can currently be found in Farmers stores around NZ.
  4. All of Andreas shoes have extra padding on the soles. This means wearing them feels like wearing sneakers with heels – smile!
  5. Maxi dresses are featuring large – these are so lovely to wear in any season. In summer as they are or winter with skinny pullovers underneath.

NZ Designer Discovery and an Exclusive Discount Code

Get 10 % off all online orders by using the exclusive discount code:   “Funky Ten”. 

Going into the Andrea More store in Ponsonby I fell in love with this outfit:


DSC_6325 (1)

Love the way even the back of this dress has a beautiful detail with the gap at the top.




The above photos were taken at Taipa Bay by my Mum. However we actually took the first set of pictures of this outfit further down the North Island in Tutukaka (fabulous for it’s beaches and diving), with beautiful sunshine. This really gave such a fab holiday feeling to the photos but the dress sort of got lost in translation…


…do you agree?


Reasons I’ve fallen in love with this outfit:
  • Perfect Holiday Outfit. The dress is sheer and light, can be rolled up into the tiniest of packages and doesn’t crease!
  • It’s like having two dresses as the t-shirt slip underneath could be worn by itself.
  • The length is perfect for hiding puffy – summer heat legs 😉
  • The extra padding on the shoes is so comfy its like wearing heeled sneakers.
  • Love the silver and blue colour combination.
  • The glasses are super light and feel like they hug the face perfectly.


Andrea Moore’s designs are also available online!

Get 10 % off all online orders by using the exclusive discount code:   “Funky Ten”. 

I’m so excited to be working together with one of my favourite NZ designers so hope you’ll use this opportunity, especially as there is currently a great sale online – perfect time to buy in preparation for the coming Spring!


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Wishing you all a fabulous day!




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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

    1. Thanks Carole – yes I truly love this dress and the print, there’s something about it that makes me feel so special wearing it.

      Have a lovely day!
      xx Yvonne

  1. Wow! That must have been so exciting to meet your favorite designer. I love who she creates her fabric designs; she has full creative control over her product. That dress is gorgeous.

    1. Yes, it was truly awesome getting to meet Andrea in person. Love the way she creates her designs too – there is so much more behind each and every design than we ever imagine!

      Have a fab day Mary.

      xx Yvonne

    1. Oh wow thanks so much for the complement Greetje… I’m ever so pleased with this outfit☺️… back to Zurich soon- am afraid of the cold- eek.

      Have a brilliant day,
      xx Yvonne

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