The Number One Key to Nailing the All White Look

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Nothing new about the all white look but how many of you will really go out there and wear it?  It needs courage right – because we know whenever you wear all white you’re going to turn more heads than with any other look.

This dress is very similar to one I bought a few years back. I hadn’t worn it for a year so passed it on to my daughter. Wishing I still owned it this year I relented to buying one very similar at Zara this week. At CHF 49 it didn’t break the bank and every wardrobe needs a good white staple in it – at least this was my justification.

What happened when I wore white – this is a true story!

My dear lunch date instantly fell in love with the look. We subsequently trawled through the nearest Zara to find the dress again. She then promptly bought it. Whilst wandering through Zara another woman asked if she could take a photo as she wanted the dress too!

So what is the number one key to nailing the all white look? Keep reading to find out!


The Number One Key to nailing the All White Look

The answer is so simple. The number one key to nailing the all white look is to wear it with confidence!

Match it with a little colour but keep the colour accents to a minimum so that the all white is left for maximum effect.

This outfit was kept to a minimum of white black and gold without even a hint of another colour to be seen!

The all white bag – another statement wardrobe staple. Now is the time to get one as chances are it will be on sale. Wear it in Fall/winter with an all black outfit. This little nuance is guaranteed to make you look like a true 2018 fashionista!

Super hot and sticky as we took these photos and my daughter took them for me so it wasn’t possible to get any really serious pictures. Still what’s the point to life if you can’t have a little fun on a hot Summers day – smile!

Number 1 rule to liquidating White from your wardrobe:

You DON’T unless:

  • it has turned yellow
  • doesn’t fit anymore and isn’t likely too
  • it has a hole or is ruined in some other way


A selection of all white dresses to buy now:


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Create your fabulous all white look today!

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  1. I dont know why you are saying the pictures are not serious, I think you got lovely shots and you passed the message. You are doing a great job

  2. This white dress is so stylish and looks perfect for summer! I can see why everyone was so inspired to copy you! I really like your gingham mules with this cute look.

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