Not without my Denim Jacket

Recently I put my photo into the blog “” for their “how I wear my spring jacket” issue. Surprisingly at first I didn’t really know what I would consider to be a spring jacket – until it dawned on me that as soon as the bitter winter leaves and warmer weather kicks in I tend to reach out for my little denim jacket to complete almost any outfit…in fact so much so that the only times I won’t wear it would be for an official business or a fancy nite out.


I’m really lucky to be teaming up with for some really cool photos – we had so much fun doing our photo shoot the other day 😉jean_jacket

I love the way that a denim jacket will go with absolutely everything. Here I am wearing it with a vintage dress from Witchery and this years platform sandals from Zara.blackrabbitphoto_orangeHere I use my denim to tone down my wonderfully bright orange summer look – skirt borrowed from Maje, top this year from Zara and boots Zadig&Voltaire. Topped off with trusty little LV travel bag.

My honest opinion is that a wardrobe is not complete without a denim jacket of sorts – mine is actually a little budget number I picket up in H&M last year 😉

I notice that M&S currently have a special deal going on their denim:


Have a look here to see the whole “How I wear my Spring Jacket Post” and see what other women consider to be their Spring jacket and how they wear them.



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