New Life as Nano!


In case you are wondering what “Nano” is – it is the most recent evolution of the bag – so small that it seriously only fits a mobile phone and couple of plastic cards…


Just this month Louis Vuitton have come out with the most adorable Nano collection – after launching the concept of the mini bag last year, this year sees the evolution of an even smaller version called the Nano – the teeny tiniest versions of our favourite styles:  the Speedy, Alma, Lockit, Noe, Pallas, Turenne and W. All featuring the exact same shape, materials and stitching as their original counterparts.


I have fallen in love with this dusky pink colour – Louis Vuitton are not the only ones with the colour just now – seems to be the “IT” colour for the coming season.


This picture gives you an indication of size difference between the original bag and the Nano – too cute to be true but fabulous for going out at night partying – I think I need one for when I am on photo duty!


Since going to the fashion shows I have however fallen in love with the unusual LV bags like that shown above. The one in this picture is probably a “Baby” – too large to be a “Nano” 😉

Let me know what you think of the new Nano!




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    1. He he – oh well it only lasts a couple of years 😉 I keep on walking past the pale pink ones….it is getting dangerous 😉
      xo Yvonne

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