New Anti-Age Skin Food by NIVEA

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Finally I can let the cat out of the bag and tell you all about a great new Nivea product. We all like the thought of young skin forever or moreover eliminating the wrinkles we already have. So when NIVEA came to me and asked me to try their Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls awhile ago I literally jumped!

Make sure you read till the end for a chance to win your own NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls.

New Anti-Age Skin Food by Nivea


Why  “New Anti-Age Skin Food by Nivea?

The Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls come in a tube and look like pearls as they pop out onto your hand. Rubbing them into my skin it did feel as though they must be going into every nook and cranny. I decided it was like giving food to my skin – smile!

Having said that the pearls were super absorbent and my skin felt very smooth afterwards. I think in Summer I would wear the Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls on their own. However being Winter and super dry outside I teamed them up with the NIVEA Anti-Age Volume Filling Day Cream and my skin instantly had a lovely glow to it. The cream has a wonderful thick consistency yet absorbed into my skin in seconds. I had a lovely elastic feeling on my face – something I find difficult to achieve in colder temperatures.

Even my hubby decided to try out the Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls and said he liked the way the are quickly absorbed into the skin. I wonder if this is going to become one of his regular creams – smile!


Wondering what was inside the cream to give it this effect this is what I found out:

Hyaluronic Acid!

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule we naturally have in our skin and it helps to increase a cells ability to bind water. As we age our skin produces less Hyaluronic Acid. Over time this can lead to skin dehydration, volume loss and wrinkles.

Collagan Booster

Stimulating the production of the skins own collagen and strengthens the skin.


Creatine supports the cells energy supply.


These are three necessary ingredients in any good anti age skin care product – but what made this special for me was the fact that it really didn’t feel like an anti age cream – it has been so designed to be great on even the most sensitive of skins.

3 essentials we all have to do for great skin in addition to using any anti-age cream:
  1. Clean your face daily – preferably twice a day.
  2. Drink lots of water – keep a bottle to sip at with you at all times!
  3. Early nights – sleep is when the skin has time to regenerate!
3 Lucky Readers can win:

Now three lucky readers can win their own NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls. To be in the draw to win all you need to do is send me an email on with your home address. You must have a Swiss mailing address to be in and the winners will be drawn Monday 27th February.


This has been a sponsored post but opinions are totally my own – I have been using NIVEA products for years and am a real fan of the recent innovations the company has been doing with regard to increasing their product range. As well as chocolate and cheese you will always find at least two or more NIVEA products in my home!

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