My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip and More - Elite Beds

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With Christmas just around the corner our minds full of making sure we have everything covered for the Christmas season, sleeping is often the one thing many of us have difficulties with.

So this is a special Christmas post with a personal sleeping tip of mine which I genuinely use. Since adopting this approach I can only promise you my sleep has improved massively. This super easy tip has also made it a happier sleep and had positive effects on the next day!

As the mind only accounts for one part of our sleep there is also some advice from the experts – Elite Beds.  They have a lovely show room right in the middle of Zurich and will give you great personalised advice to help you improve your sleep.

Keep reading to find out more about my personal super easy sleeping tip and more – Elite Beds.

My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip and More – Elite Beds

My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip

So easy my personal sleeping tip focuses on something each and every one of us can do.

Make a wish and dream it!

Whenever I have something troubling me or can not sleep for whatever reason I lie down, close my eyes and think of the solution I would like. If there is an important meeting the next day, I play the whole meeting in my mind until I get the outcome I really would like. An argument with a loved one will make me think of how I wish the situation to be resolved. Something troubling me with my work and I play the visionary with myself and think of my dream scenario for the future.

You might laugh but more often than not my dream scenario becomes reality!

Of course you need to dream carefully…if it involves getting someone else to behave differently you have to dream the whole scenario which will involve YOU changing something that will result in the other person doing what you want – smile!

The jet lag dream – If you can’t sleep because of jet lag the trick is to stay calm. Tell yourself simply resting in bed is almost as good as proper sleep and think of all the lovely things you would like to do the next day.

My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip and More - Elite Beds

Sleeping Tips from the Professionals at Elite Beds

1. The golden rule is to invest in a good mattress

My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip and More - Elite Beds

2. Protect yourself from a too hard mattress

– hard mattresses are often recommended for back problems but it is still important to take your body weight into account so that the mattress is able to shape itself properly.

My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip and More - Elite Beds

3. A good bed is key but might not be the only problem to you sleeping badly

A healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep, enough down time and the right diet also are major factors contributing to a good sleep.

My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip and More - Elite Beds

Before investing in your next mattress speak to the professionals for real advice.

There are so many factors to take into account. A mattress should be perfect for your body weight and shape. It needs to offer support in the right places. I personally have learnt so much by speaking with the professionals at Elite beds and can only recommend you do the same!

At Elite Gallery, Talstr. 72, Zurich you will find :

(from left to right)

Ursula Keinath – 25 years of interior design experience and a fitness coach, well versed in solving sleeping problems.

Andre Niedermann – Head of sales for Switzerland and Germany (also often on the road)

Max Sidler – with 3 decades experience in the bed and mattress industry, he certainly knows what’s best for his clients (and makes an excellent Father Christmas too – smile).

Simply drop by during opening hours or phone +41 43 321 72 21 to make an appointment with consultant of your choice!

A few fun photos from the Samichlaus apero December 6th… stay tuned for more events to come where you too can come and learn more about better sleeping:

My Personal Super Easy Sleeping Tip and More - Elite Beds

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Make a wish and dream it!


This post was written in collaboration with Elite beds

All opinions are my own.

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