My Magic Road Trip with a touch of Geberit Wellness

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They say “don’t leave home until you’ve seen your country”. This week really made me sit back and think there is something so true about this statement.

Lucky enough to have been asked to go on “my magic road trip” with a cruisy SUV Mazda CX-5 to enjoy Geberit bathroom products. The trip took me to a luxury design cube nestled in the depths of the Safiental in Switzerland.

A real adventure – ending up in a place so serene and beautiful that I was busy just sitting there soaking up the environment.

Keep reading to find out more about my magic road trip with a touch of Geberit wellness!


My Magic Road Trip with a touch of Geberit Wellness

Step one picking up our SUV Mazda CX-5 in Zurich and then off we went. This time I invited a lovely neighbour of mine to join me. She comes from Chur and was eager to show me the beauty of her home town.

Nestled at the bottom of several mountains, Chur had never been on my hit list. However seeing it now I was super pleasantly surprised and really recommend it as a lovely place to visit. Full of cute local shops and cafes amongst a very pretty medieval setting.

From Church the real raid adventure began. Heading off direction Reichenau and then Bonaduz., Following the Rein as we went. After Bonaduz the road itself became one big challenge or adventure. Incredibly curvy and one lane width with the occasional road widening.

The only way to survive the road was by keeping an eye out in the distance. Even if you saw a vehicle 3 corners away it paid to wait at the nearest road widening. After all you don’t want to be stuck with a post bus heading directly your way!


Arriving at our design cube

For a brief moment en-route we felt as though we had lost our way so finding our dear home for the night caused for a lot of jumping up and down and celebrating… not to mention digging into lunch  (Kindly provided by and a wonderful glass of Ticino Wine!


A touch of Geberit Wellness

Normally when you go somewhere so remote and beautiful there is a price to pay – a price  involving a reduction of home wellness comforts. However not in this case where Geberit’s lovely designer bathroom products really came to the rescue.

The highlight was a Geberit Aqua Clean Shower Toilet which sets a whole new standard when it comes to bathroom and toilet technology. Technology without compromising on latest design features.

The whirl spray shower technology enables hygienic after toilet cleaning with warm water. A great way to save on toilet paper! (To find out more about the benefits of this new toilet technology see here.)

In addition to turbo flushing technology and automatic toilet closing. Also toilet heating and even a button that can be pushed to extract unpleasant odour whilst using the toilet.

Note the sublime neon light behind the toilet (Geberit Monolith model) – super handy at night.

Showering  with the Geberit shower was also a fun new experience because of the very natural, silky-soft, yet solid surface material (Setaplano). This never gets cold and has a non-porous and particularly non-slip material without edges so easy to clean – great!

In any case I certainly had fun trying out this lovely impact Geberit Bathroom:

Geberit caters for any size of bathroom without having to compromise on quality, design or function. They also have various options to suit different budgets!

The good news is that you too can try out a Geberit Aqua Clean Toilet – check out the following website for testing possibilities:


A list of hotels where you can test a Geberit Aqua Clean Toilet


Test at your very own home for 30 days for CHF99


A little more container and surroundings

The inside of the container was super functional and stylish – with the sofa doubling up as a bed.

The living area being totally glass including the cieling made it such a cute place to stay warm and protected from the morning chill whilst still enjoying 360° views of the spectacular surrounding.

…Fashionista goals out the window this morning – smile!

After breakfast I was literally dragged out of my comfy surroundings to go for an hours trek to the very end of the Safiental, (thank you Tina – smile). We wanted to get closer to the impressive waterfall that had been providing us with sweet water music during our stay.

This was when we discovered some of the Art Safiental 2018 and even noted an App ( that can be downloaded for Folk stories about the area!


Driving home via the Caumasee

We took a bit of a different route back to Zurich via Flims and the Caumasee.

I had wanted to visit the Caumasee for some time now and as it was almost 30° on Wednesday this certainly was the perfect opportunity to do so.


Thank you for the most awesome trip opportunity GeberitThis was a sponsored collaboration but all opinions are my own.

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Time for You too to try out Geberit Aqua – Clean Spray Toilet !


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