My Animal Print Confession

Hi Everyone,

If there’s one thing I’m genuinely proud of it’s my ability to pick up on trends way ahead of time… Only this time I have a real confession to make. Especially to those of you who are dedicated followers and read my every post.

Watching Milan street style in February this year, I decided leopard was on it’s way out to be completely replaced by the snakeskin print, (see post here). WRONG! Let me tell you leopard print has nowhere near finished it’s trend cycle. As with most things in fashion it’s simply a matter of styling last years leopard print a little differently for Spring/Summer 2020.

For this Spring leopard print is to be teamed up with pastels. Any pastel colour will do but my favourite is pastel blue. In this outfit the shoes and bag match nicely in their shade of pastel blue.  The blazer is a different pastel shade of blue. At first I thought it might look wrong, then finally decided it actually added a little more interest to the whole look.  Note  again an oversize blazer and the sleeves have been rolled up just like in the 80’s.

Take care this season to complete your outfits with seasonal accessories. Round glasses being a big theme. Statement jewellery is slowly overtaking the dainty trend, and pearls are certainly here to stay – after all Chanel would have it no other way! The jewellery and glasses in this post are from Réjane Rosenberger – check out her lovely online store.

Keep scrolling for more about my animal print confession.

My Animal Print Confession

A little fun with the photographer  – smile. Perhaps related to our 22nd Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, 9th May. Wow how time flies!

Lets talk jewellery:

“Der Schmuck einer Frau sollte so vielfältig sein wie sie selbst”

“A woman’s jewellery should be as diverse as the woman herself”, said by  Réjane Rosenberger about her own jewellery collection. I personally love this quote. Our moods change so why shouldn’t our jewellery too.

Réjane has been creating jewellery for women of all ages since 1999. Mainly using Silver, wood or mineral stones. Each piece is carefully made by hand. Her store is in Küsnacht  which is a 5 – 10 minute drive along the lake from the centre of the city. The shop was love at first sight for me. It was like entering my dream world!

Stay tuned for more trends to come from Réjane’s store on blog soon (not just jewellery). The silver bracelet above seemed to jump at me and say it wanted to be on my wrist – voila!

Réjane Rosenberger Online Store here

Outfit details:

Dress – Similar here

Bag – Sarah Haran (available here)

Blazer – Similar here

Shoes – Similar here

Glasses and Jewellery – Réjane Rosenberger 



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Wishing you all fun with your animal print!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. phew! so glad i own a pair of powder blue shoes!! i picked them up for $5!
    animal print has always been ‘iffy’ for me….really try to grasp how to style it!
    this combo is spot on off street fashion week wear!

  2. Very nice I love your ideas with your animal print dress and your jewellery. It looks really great and matching with every thing love it.

  3. Beautifully styled, love the cuff , it’s stunning and the happiest anniversary to you and your hubster

  4. Indeed the lavender blue of the jacket goes very well with the blue of the bag and the blue of the shoes. Who would have thought.
    I am afraid that a long jacket over dresses or skirts just doesn’t suit me. Nevertheless, an other trend is to wear long jackets with a firm belt around it and that suits me very well.
    As for leopard with pastel… I have a leopard minibag and I will add a little pastel scarf haha.

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