My 2 Biggest Professional Learnings of the Past Year!

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Each year I reflect on what my main learnings of the past year were. Sometimes it takes a little longer until I finally realise what they were and this is one of those years. Hence me writing it in April – a good quarter of the way into the next year!

All the same these are cornerstones I take with me for future years. I’m sharing them with you as you might also find these learnings useful. If you have any of your own learnings you wish to share please do feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post.

On a personal note you might want to read an earlier post of mine about the importance of mind over matter.

Keep reading for “My 2 Biggest Professional Learnings of the Past Year!”.


My 2 Biggest Professional Learnings of the Past Year!

  1. Positive Flexibility

Let’s face it everyone has ups and downs in life and the same goes in business. The trick is however to firstly remove yourself personally from any downfall, learn from it and keep on going but in a positive way.

Positive flexibility is about being agile enough to let go of that which is not working. Instead think of another positive way forward. Keep on coming up with new ideas that will lead you back onto your original or an even better path.

It can sometimes be difficult and of course there may be days when you seem stuck but if you keep on trying to think of positive new ways forward, eventually the perfect solution will appear. A great thing about this exercise is that in the end only you know about your procrastination. A little procrastination might end up being some of your most productive time – speaking from experience.

You can also console yourself in the knowledge that even the most successful people go through these moments. In fact one can almost conclude you have to have experienced some downfalls in life to ever truly become successful!


2. Fitness is my Fuel

We read about it all the time don’t we – just how important it is to do exercise and keep fit. Until recently I never really thought about it too much as I tend to keep moving with or without exercise – or at least so I thought. Then at the beginning of the month I had to have a small surgery and was not able to do my normal runs for a few weeks.

It didn’t take long until I really felt my creative pulse struggling. The new ideas were simply not rushing through my head as usual. Fortunately as of last weekend things are back to normal and I’ve managed a couple of runs already. This is when my brain cobwebs seem to be cleared out and replaced with fabulous new ideas to go forward with… am sooo grateful!

In case your interested my normal routine is to run on alternate days and go for a half hour walk on the other days. A little routine which I set for myself and keeps me happy. Note though everyone is different when it comes to fitness and what is good for them.  The most important thing is that you do something which feels right to you.


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