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blackrabbitphoto_yvonne 8_finals (1) Hi everyone, welcome to todays post!

One of my favourite all time games is making the most out of every piece in my wardrobe. Combining things in unusual ways – wearing dresses as tops or tops layered over other tops or dresses, even wearing tops as dresses with leggings. Love being able to walk downstairs and either hubby or daughter deciding I have something new and being able to honestly say it’s vintage revived – smile.

Stripes are one of this seasons number 1 must haves so when I saw this Ralph Lauren dress in London I simply had to have it. Quite similar in style to the white Zara one shown a couple of weeks ago but with a smaller, more figure centric cut to it.

blackrabbitphoto_yvonne 8_finals-2

Teaming up blue with blue is always a staple that works. But the one thing that’s often a shame about dresses is that once you’ve worn them everyone remembers “that dress” and sometimes you almost feel like you can’t wear it again when seeing the same people…. so deciding to try out a little creativity…

blackrabbitphoto_yvonne 8_finals-5 (1)

I teamed it up with red sneakers and a fun bag from Caroline Dechamby, giving the dress a more fun casual look for weekends.


Then by simply unbuttoning the bottom half of the dress and tying it up in front ..this dress suddenly also became a top!

blackrabbitphoto_yvonne 8_finals-7 (2)

Teamed up with vintage shorts – perfect for this summer with Khaki remaining one of the number one hot colours to have.

blackrabbitphoto_yvonne 8_finals-7


With this little touch of inspiration I challenge you all to go out there and convert one of your dresses into something else!


All photos of me in this post from  blackrabbit photography  check out her brilliant site!

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!


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