10 Monochrome Inspiration’s direct from Milan Fashion Week

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

Hi Everyone,

Monochrome featured large in Milan this Fashion Week. In particular in the Annakiki collection.  Inspired by today’s aesthetic fatigue and fashion excess. Did you know global clothing sales are estimated to reach 160 million tons in 2050! That is more than 3 times today’s amount. Raising the question of sustainability and overall impact on natural resources.

An insatiable desire for the next big thing has resulted in trends changing faster than we can keep up with. Many high street stores have new collections coming in weekly. It is more than most of us (even fashionistas) can keep up with. As a result of this Annakiki focused on a “less is more” philosophy. One garment two moods. One colour, several textures. Combining different fabrics – silk with wool, cotton with velvet. Faux fur and plastic!

Maximum impact is achieved by making strong statements in blocks of mono colour. This is something anyone can achieve with their current wardrobe – see Street Style at end of post for examples.

Keep reading for Monochrome inspiration, both from the Annakiki Fall/Winter 2018 show and as seen in StreetStyle.


10 Monochrome Inspiration’s direct from Milan Fashion Week

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

Faux fur and plastic – a mix seen in several looks this season.

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

time to revive any old favourite jackets with wide shoulders. The trend has come back with vengeance this year.

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

Taking that monochrome look right through to the lips…

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

Annakiki Milan Fashion Week

Adding a little mix in pattern to an otherwise monochrome look. Petrol blue is a good colour to keep in your wardrobe for next Fall / Winter!

Check out the Annakiki Summer 2018 collection here.


Monochrome StreetStyle

Street Style is always a good way of seeing show trends converted to every day wear.

Milan StreetStyle

This seasons Street Style in Milan was very much about suits and monochrome… could it be that suits will be overriding dresses for the next few seasons?

Milan StreetStyle

Go bold or pastel. The choice is yours provided you keep your whole outfit in tone!

FunkyForty Sustainable Shopping Tip:

Take a colourful piece of clothing you own with you when shopping. Instead of buying a whole new outfit, buy one piece to go with that piece you already own! Try them on together and make sure the outfit works to avoid mistakes.


Stay tuned for more  Fashion Week news – see what’s in store next Winter 2018!

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Go Monochrome Today!

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  1. Hi Funky-Forty

    I love that line of yours about aesthetic fatigue and fashion excess… brilliant writing darling!

    here’s my bit of nonsense composed for you on the spot!

    Nursery Rhyme (for a fashionista)

    I’ve always held with the notion that
    a splash of exotic helps the erotic
    but tone in tone, oh, so monotone…
    and to dabble in colour could only mean trouble.

    Now, for some who are keen on keeping it lean
    the secret of styling is being beguiling
    so dress up with care
    and I tell you I swear
    that your image will rise to the skies.

    some heels might compete
    in making complete
    an outfit that seeks to surprise
    but the fact of the matter
    is referred to the hatter
    whose talent is galant
    and gay as the day

    and always can chatter
    on beauty and fashion
    and always with passion
    a great dose of passion

    just think of kardashian

    and the fish ran away with the spoon…

  2. What a good tip ! Stay in fashion with your old pieces by simply adding a new piece in the same color. The statistics of what the clothing sales would be in 2050 the some what sad and scary! Thanks for the cool informative well written piece xox

  3. It is a very nice and interesting collection I am looking forward to see some of those arriving in the shops very nice

  4. I like your statement of less ia more. A credo I applaud and apply in my life, though I do love shopping…It’s a balance act for many of us I suppose. Happy weekend. Stay warm ❄ Lieske

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