Mode Suisse: Story behind Lida Noba’s collection and more

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This was an exciting week for Zurich’s fashionistas with the Mode Suisse Edition 12 show.

Mode Suisse held bi-annually in Zurich and Geneva, providing a platform where local designers can make themselves known. It’s also the meeting place of anyone somehow connected to the Fashion industry in Zurich.

Keep reading for the moving story behind the Lida Noba collection – a lovely designer I have been following for a few years now. Followed by highlights from each of the other designers at Mode Suisse Edition 12.

Mode Suisse: Story behind the Lida Noba collection

Lida lives in Switzerland but feels her true identity lies with her homeland Iran.

In her own words:

I would always like LIDA NOBA to represent my culture in some way that is easily understood worldwide

Mode Suisse Edition 12

The inspiration behind this SS18 collection is contemporary Persian calligraphy. One of the most prestigious arts throughout the history of Iran.

For the first time ever Lida collaborated with a well known Iranian Calligrapher Babak Rashvand on this project.

Mode Suisse Edition 12

Calligraphers play and reshape different letters in a unique and appealing way, I tried to do the same with the textiles in this collection.

Even if you do not speak Persian (Farsi), your eyes will still follow the harmony of the curves!”

Mode Suisse Edition 12

The collection is called “Rana”, meaning beautiful and eye-catching.

Mode Suisse Edition 12

The collection is very dear to Lida Noba as she made it all by herself in her lovely home and sanctuary. A romantic at heart she describes her home (which she shares with her ever supportive husband), as having love in the air everyday and everywhere.

Meeting Lida and seeing the passion behind her work made me realise how much we often take for-granted when simply watching a collection walk down the runway.

Mode Suisse: Story behind the Lida Noba collection and more

In her own words:

I’m very proud to present a small piece of Iranian heritage to the world in each of my collections. My goal is to introduce the beauty that lives within the culture

Mode Suisse: Story behind the Lida Noba collection and more

Mode Suisse: Story behind the Lida Noba collection and more

Mode Suisse: Story behind the Lida Noba collection and more

I think we can all agree that Lida Noba really reached her goal with this lovely collection. I feel honoured to have finally gotten to know Lida, the adorable woman behind this beautiful collection.


…and More

Gallery with highlights from each of the designers presenting at Mode Suisse Edition 12

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What I wore:

I was super honoured this Mode Suisse to be given a beautiful pink outfit of Lida’s to wear – thank you again dear and all the best with this collection!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this little summary – Fashion Week Milan starts week after next so there will be lots of news coming from Milan shortly!

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