Mixing Patterns for Beginners


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Whether you like it or not mixing patterns has become one of Spring 2018 biggest trends. We’ve seen it looking wonderful on fashionistas during Fashion Weeks. However at the back of most peoples minds they are thinking “I would never be able to wear that”.

The truth is that You too can mix patterns and really look great whilst doing so. This post gives you 5 easy tricks anyone can follow, to make sure your mixed pattern outfit looks great!

Today’s outfit is from the online boutique the-Bias-Cut.com.  With global shipping Jacynth, the founder of the-Bias-Cut.com has a selection of carefully chosen labels with cuts that really do look great on most women. I love the fact that you’ll find reasonably priced pieces that are well made and not found on the large bulk online stores.


Keep reading for mixing patterns for beginners

the Bias Cutcom

5 Easy tricks to mixing patterns for beginners:

Once you’ve mastered these of course the sky is the limit. As long as you wear it with confidence anything goes!

  1. Limited colour palette – black, white and neutrals are a great way to start mixing patterns. This way you don’t have to worry about the colours as well.
  2. Keep shoes and bag plain –  let your outfit take centre stage by keeping your shoes and bag plain. Matching in colour or black and white are always great options.
  3. Ensure the pieces fit well – as long as the clothes fit well and suit you in shape there is a high chance that no matter what the pattern is, it will look good together. Try to avoid putting an oversized patterned top together with an oversized / baggy bottom. This can all become a little too much!
  4. Have one main colour theme throughout – in today’s outfit I chose to keep black and white as my main colour theme but you might also choose red or pink or any other colour you like. This is especially important for mixing floral prints.
  5. Start with simple patterns first – starting with prints like the ones in today’s outfit make it easier to get used to the concept of pattern mixing before you venture out – then try adding tartan or flowers as well – just remember the colour rule in point 4.


the Bias Cutcom

Mixing Patterns for Beginners

Mixing Patterns for Beginners

Mixing Patterns for Beginners

Now it’s your turn to try out a mixed pattern outfit – I look forward to seeing all of your photos! If you don’t have any patterned pieces in your wardrobe that you want to combine yet you might like to take a look at:


This article was written in collaboration with the-Bias-Cut.com but all opinions are my own. If I wasn’t convinced I wouldn’t write about it. The blurb on Jacynth’s website says it all:

“Jacynth’s thorough and in-depth understanding of different women’s bodies and shapes, as well as cut and fabrics. Throw into the mix her stylist, contemporary eye, and Jacynth is swiftly becoming recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts and pioneers of style at every age.”


Romantik Hotels Location

All photos where taken at the lovely Treschers Romantik Schwarzwaldhotel in the Black forest, Titisee. The perfect spot for a pampered weekend away! Stay tuned for more about the lovely hotel in a blog post soon!


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