MFW Fall 2019 – Behind the Scenes at Fendi, Gucci & Prada

MFW Fall 2019 - Behind the Scenes at Fendi, Gucci & Prada

Hi Everyone,

This Fashion week was the first time I got a look into the showrooms of Fendi, Gucci and Prada. So interesting to discover just how different the Fashion houses are once you get a look behind the scenes. Each with their own very special traits.

Milan Fashion Week started on such a sad note with Karl Lagerfeld passing away. He would appear to have done everything to perfection in his life – including his death – what a date: 19.02.2019! His last Fendi collection is nothing short of spectacular. The attention to detail unsurmountable to say the least. True innovation on the bag front.

My greatest souvenir is a set of his last collection drawings – I shall treasure them forever.

MFW Fall 2019 - Behind the Scenes at Fendi, Gucci & Prada

Gucci surpassed all expectations with their creative hub. Prada is going back to its roots.

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MFW Fall 2019 – Behind the Scenes at Fendi, Gucci & Prada


MFW Fall 2019 - Behind the Scenes at Fendi, Gucci & Prada

Fashion trends come and go and more often than not everything feels like a regurgitation of the past. Karl Lagerfeld however managed to create real new with his last collection. A new feminine emphasis on bags on footwear, bags on bags, bags in cages that can be uncaged. We were in awe at this new innovation.

MFW Fall 2019 - Behind the Scenes at Fendi, Gucci & Prada

With regard to outfits a bow that features on many outfits, seems to be symbolising a present wrapped up. Is it Karl Lagerfeld’s goodbye present to the rest of us?

Layering featured large with lots of sheer fabrics, especially sheer body’s. Long pleats and leather. Lots of black with yellow and orange providing wonderful colour pops.

my heart of hearts is still with the peekaboo bag…

Photographed by Nadia of Nadisheart
Photographed by Nadia of Nadisheart

There was no photography of the collection itself allowed, except with phone – which I won’t subject you too (if desperate there is a little under instagram story highlights here).

Gucci being Gucci the new collection is of course full of fun with patterned linings, colourful prints. Emphasis on tailored oversize – this per-say being a huge trend throughout for Fall 2019.  Unfinished hems at extreme – a take on what Prada introduced in the 1990’s.

Photographed by Nadia of Nadisheart

Of all things the Gucci hub itself was amazing. I felt so honoured to be there. My dream home would be just like this – plenty of concrete, long clean lines and large windows coupled with tremendously fun opulence!


Miuccia Prada is an incredibly creative person and in the past Prada collections have been an absolute wow with regard to innovation and eye-catching trends. She is however a serious person and right now very concerned about European conflicts and the threat of war more generally. As a result the Prada Fall 2019 collection is all about romance. The two sides to romance, the beautiful and the dark side. Featuring Frankenstein in her collections.

Is it time for all of us to stop expecting the new and reflect about the here and now of the World around us? Maybe the hidden be the message, with a continuation of military looks. The pale blue with khaki  colour combination and the iconic Prada red rubber label.

The introduction of a 3D feature on dresses and coats gave the whole collection a wonderful fresh new look

Note the pink military boots below. Despite everything there are still fun lighthearted details to the collection!

Stay tuned for more Fashion Week news – off to Paris Fashion Week this weekend!

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With Love and everlasting respect for Karl Lagerfeld.


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