Katarzyna Konieczniak is the creator of Manyara. Starting her career in one of todays biggest online fashion stores in London. She always had a flare for fashion.

As you know life is full of surprises 😊 and 15 years later, based in Zurich Katarzyna has created her own collection of dresses and skirts in the hope to fulfil your need for effortless and elegant looks.

The name Manyara comes from Shona language and means `you have been humbled`. Katarzyna initially came across it during a trip to Tanzania, where after reaching the top of Kilimanjaro with her sister, decided to make Manyara a reality.

Manyara is also a name which describes a confident, independent, energetic and happy go lucky character, who likes to be in the driving seat where her life is concerned. Does this sound like you?

Some of my favourite outfits from the store:




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