Maison Gassmann

Situated in the heart of Zurich very close to Paradeplatz Maison Gassmann is one of the oldest family run clothing stores in Zurich. It has been a favourite of mine since ever.

Now run by a brother and sister team in the new location Poststr. 5- 7, 8001 zurich.

I love the fact that the shop continuously moves with the times. The selection is so varied that there truly is something for everyone and every occasion from Summer vacation right through to Weddings.

This is the one store where you will find prestigious brands you can’t find anywhere else in Zurich and at the same time it’s a place where you’ll find new hip very reasonably priced labels as well as exclusive favourites.

Some of my favourite pieces from the store:


Maison Gassmann

Mobile: +41 79 911 60 85
Main Number: +41 44 211 08 37
Poststr. 5-7
8001 Zürich