Klein aber Fein / Small but Nice!

Thursday was FunkyForty’s first ever event in collaberation with Edo PopkenChampagne & Shirts” – I had no idea what to expect and was super anxious as to how things would go.

Here’s what happened:

Everyone got plenty of house crémant and personal tour through the shop with Edo himself who took great pride in explaining how the ties are made – the detail in the design of each and every item in his shop and the fact that the largest number of any item that is made is 111 his shirts – each tie design is only reproduced 23 – 24 times!

An eye for spotting the detail my personal most fun discovery was noticing that each of his jackets had many inside pockets and two that closed with zips – some even have a special felt pouch for your phone.


The day after:

I knew everyone had enjoyed themselves and the Edo Popken crew were happy as all guests had shown such an interest in their fashion but what really made my day was the number of personal calls I received from guests thanking me for the invitation and making lunch dates with me to go back later and shop with them.

The clothes are not cheap but having been given a proper tour explaining the making etc of each item made people realise buying an item from Edo was like an investment – something that will last for a very long time, withstand fickle fashion trend changes and always be associated with a lovely memory.

Lessons learned:

Whilst social media is a platform of ever increasing importance, when it comes to actually physically coming together you can’t beat personalised paper invitation – lets face it they still use this method for the Fashion Week Shows so why should other events be any different!



With that a HUGE THANK YOU to all the lovely guests who came.


There will certainly be more events to come – if you would like to be on the guest list for future events please either subscribe to FunkyForty in pink box below or email yvonne@funkyforty.com

Wishing you all a fab weekend!



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  1. Thank You to Yvonne founder of funkyforty for this joint Shirts&Champagne Event last Thursday. We have enjoyed the crowd and interesting conversations. Especially those where we were able to provide some profound background information about our Philosophy, Design and Manufacturing. To be repeated. Because …
    Life is short – dress up 4 it!

    Warme regards Edo F.F. Popken

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