The Jumpsuit Rules for Spring 2019

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Hard to believe I was seriously walking around short sleeved in the mountains last weekend and not even that cold! Pictures taken in Saanen, a cute little village near Gstaad.

Now let’s talk jumpsuit. We’ve been talking about them for a few seasons now. Can you admit having had that discussion at least once with a friend about the jumpsuit coming back from the 80’s? Followed by the dilemma of whether or not to jump on the trend once again…

If, (like me) you’ve been holding off as long as possible, now is the time to finally get one. Spring 2019 sees the jumpsuit trend climbing new levels. Rising from the “should I get one modus”, to becoming a “Spring wardrobe basic”.

Keep reading to find out more about the jumpsuit rules for Spring 2019


The Jumpsuit Rules for Spring 2019

Not only does the jumpsuit rule for Spring 2019, there are also 3 basic rules to follow to getting your jumpsuit look right!

3 basic rules to getting your jumpsuit look right:
  1. Avoid florals – yes florals have featured large recently and you still find them flooding the high streets. However if you want your jumpsuit to last a few more seasons to come it’s time to ditch the floral look.
  2. A collar is essential – make sure your jumpsuit has a lovely stiff collar that can either be turned up or down. You’ll thank me for this tip I promise!
  3. Belt it – a jumpsuit without a belt is simply going to make you look like Pooh Bear!

Jumpsuit c/o Zurich designer  Paradis des Innocents, shoes  On-running

Let’s talk bags – especially when this one has such a cute story behind it…

Atelier Avanzar – a bag label created by Margarita, a lovely woman from Ecuador now living in Switzerland. All of her bags are hand made in Ecuador by local women. There is also a special Avanzar foundation that has been set up and profits from the bags go to this foundation which supports sick children and women in need in Ecuador.

Every bag is unique and made on demand according to individual customer colour and fabric selection. Available online and selection is also available in Paradis des Innocents in Zurich.

Back to the jumpsuit – it’s not a rule but going for a neutral tone combined with white is one of Spring 2019 most favoured combinations.


Outfit details:

Jumpsuit c/o – Paradis des innocents

Sweater c/o – Paradis des innocents

Shoes c/o – On-running

Bag c/o – Paradis des innocents

Sunglasses c/o – Bonocler


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  1. Jumping on the jumpsuit bandwagon (got mine last month) great piece to layering…no two ways about it though , a pain in the butt when you must go to the BR…no magic doortrap…sigh…Happy Spring Yvonne🌺

  2. Wow Yvonne, you are almost Dutch in your direct approach regarding the do’s and don’ts of jumpsuits. I loved it as well as I love you bag and the story behind it. Good of you to share this story with your readers. Love, Lieske

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