Jumpers – hot off the press at Zara today!

OK so this is a real live account of what happened today due to my daughter dragging me into town…I mean lets be honest, what else is there to do on one of the most dismal, cold, wet days ever. We both decided we didn’t have enough jumpers to keep us warm this winter so off we went to see what we would find: IMG_0052 Super pretty white jumper with lace inlay down sleeves. Has a slightly A line cut making it very flattering. Albeit though we decided it was a little see-through so it stayed in the shop but personally I think it really would be lovely with the right attire underneath.

IMG_0055 IMG_0054

Also A line and in a type of fabric which won’t be itchy or hot when wearing inside heated rooms. We both tried this on – loved it and into our shopping bag it went – we are sharing it but I have preference rights to when I want to wear it.


Fabulous turtle neck pullover – if I lived in the mountains I would have bought it in a flash. Love the two pockets either side and there are even little zips which you can undo at the bottom of each side – just very cute…perhaps we will pick this up next visit.


Very cute simple jumper with a bit of bling around the neck – the sort of thing that would look lovely worn over a skirt – I thought it was a little short for over trousers but that could be a matter of taste and depend on the trousers as I can also imagine it looking nice worn with suit trousers and a jacket.

My absolute favourite, this oversized sloppy shirt – I did not have to think two seconds before it went into my shopping basket. I have been watching this sort of thing worn around and decided I needed one anyway as it is sooo the look of winter 2014 – worn with a tank top underneath – it looks dressed up and yet is so comfy and understated for at home or entertaining. Normally worn over ripped jeans but being 40 something I will confess to ripped jeans being the one thing I have crossed off my wardrobe. Click on the individual images below to buy online.

We finished our lovely afternoon shopping with dinner at Yooji’s – all in all a successful trip to town – smile.

IMG_0071Yvonne x

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