It’s all about Networking

“It’s all about Networking” is bound to be a statement you’ve heard again and again but do you take it seriously?

Did you know: 75 % of all open positions are NEVER advertised – they get filled through peoples networks. Of the remaining 25%, 1/3 are filled internally.

The good news is that a good Network will certainly get you wherever you want to go!

Read more to find out 5 interesting facts found out last week as well as links to contacts that will help you increase your network too.


It’s all about Networking

Throughout the whole of last week Modissa in Zurich held a series of perfect networking/ information sessions for women in all stages of their lives (more information here).

5 Fabulous takeaways:
1. Ambition

Today ambition is not only about becoming Managing Director of a company – it is about evaluating what your profession gives to you and what you give back to society.

Three key elements:

  • Learning – how much you are learning from what you are doing?
  • Community – friends, family, is your community in a good space?
  • Impact – are you having a positive impact on others in your current role?



You can do this exercise too – where would you currently rate each of the key elements?

If you are thinking of a change or have an idea and would like to discuss it with an independent person  reach out to:

Kathrin Puhan from the Non Profit Association


2. Finance

Especially in Switzerland a good idea should never be stopped due to lack of financing.

A great address to get a micro-credit is where your first meeting is totally free of charge.

Ruedi Winkler – President “Verein GO!”


3. Successful Business Planning

Most important – if you have an idea then go for it!

However many of us have a great business idea but absolutely no idea what the legal or tax implications are etc.

A one stop shop to answer all your questions is Since it’s incorporation in 2005 over 10’000 new businesses have been successfully founded through I loved meeting Isabelle last week and will certainly stay in touch!

Isabelle Siegrist Chief Innovation Officer at


4. Women Back to Business

Many women have a break in their careers for one reason or another – children, ageing parents, moving countries… the list goes on. How fabulous though that there is now a 12 month university course at the HSG St Gallen especially dedicated to women wanting to go back to business. Even more brilliant the course is given in either German or English!

Not only do you finish the course with a diploma – your relevant network will be hugely increased. Love the fact that almost 20% of the women taking this course are over 50 and most of them find their way back into the workforce!

Find out more here


Patricia Widmer, Programme Head “Women Back to Business”


5. Solopreneur – the Smart Business Concept

An interesting concept that has been thoroughly researched showing how a Solopreneur can also have a scalable product that will grow and become sustainably just as successful as larger corporations.


Would you like to become a Solopreneur? You can buy the books or get in touch with to help you get there.

Dr Barbara Eisenbart from

The absolute key to successful networking is the subsequent followup!

Event Impression Gallery:

Thanks again to Modissa for organising such a fabulously informative and fun week – looking forward to a repeat next year!

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  1. Wow, what a great event Yvonne and I definitely would have attended if I was still living in Zurich. I love that you talk about networking and how important it is. The opening stat is so important for everyone to know too. Great post and looks like you met so many amazing women.


  2. You would have loved it Dale.
    Maybe there will be something on when you are here in Zurich next.
    This Friday Gucci’s daughter is going to be @Modissa – I’m super excited to meet her!

    xo Yvonne

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