Italy meets Haiti with Stella Jean – MFW Fall 2016


As far as the Fall 2016 Fashion goes Stella Jean has got to be the one designer that really had the biggest impact on me personally. The self-taught Italian-Haitian designer won Vogue Italia’s Who Is On Next talent contest in 2011. The motto “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again” must be big on her mantra or perhaps she is like Obama as she didn’t even qualify to enter the contest twice in a row and then 3rd time she won. In  2014, Stella took part in the  International Trade Centre in Geneva,  as a speaker on the “Power of Empowered Women” and, on the same day, presented her garments created in collaboration with the ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative project at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Stella  uses her mother’s maiden name for the brand, rather than her given surname Novarino, often seeking inspiration from her cultural identity. Her fabrics are sustainably sourced from Africa and Haiti helping trade workers in developing communities.

Looking at the Fall 2016 show highlights you’ll notice the teaming up of bold prints with colloquialism (a big theme throughout for Fall/Winter 2016-7). Her urge to express a political opinion, comes through – obviously touched by the ongoing migrant crisis, which has shocked the whole of Europe.

The runway collection may seem unwearable at first glance but take a closer look and I am sure there’s something that secretly appeals to most of you. It may be a matter of thinking outside the box or simply teaming items up slightly differently.

Highlights from the Fall / Winter 2016 collection to come:








Version 2



Spring 2016 Street Style during fashion week:

DSC_0004 You’ll find her clothes online at

Wishing you all a fabulous day!

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