In the Name of Gucci – the Real Story


What do you do if you are the daughter of an incredibly famous man, one who built an empire – a man whom everyone knows so much about and yet you feel they don’t really know the real truth?

For 10 years after her Fathers death Patricia Gucci was bound to secrecy and now she decided to rectify the situation by writing her own book of memoirs.

I was lucky enough to meet her last night for a special interview with Olivia Bosshart and subsequent book signing held at Modissa.

Find out what she had to say…

In the Name of Gucci

In the Name of Gucci

In Patricia’s words

  1. For the first 9 years of her life Patricia believed her family, her world, was her Mother, Father and herself. Then the shock came – not only did she find out was she to move from London to Rome, but also that her Father was married to another woman and she had 3 half brothers.
  2. Writing the book of her memoirs was like opening pandoras box – it has helped her so much to understand her Mother better, her Father and even herself.
  3. As a child, whenever her Father came home he was a presence larger than life, for those few moments the world would be perfect and then difficult as he left again.
  4. Reading the feverishly written love letters her Father had written to her Mother was an eye opener as to his love and just how vulnerable he was as a person.
  5. Patricia is immensely proud of what her Father accomplished –  three words to describe him would be: Energy, Perfectionism, Lack of Patience.
  6. Patricia has three daughters herself and just became Grandmother a few weeks ago – congratulations!
  7. Everyone has 3 lives: A Secret Life , A Private Life and A Public Life, but ultimately only an Aware Life is worth living and that is what writing this book has given Patricia.

…to find out more you’ll have to get the book “In the Name of Gucci” yourself. Available in Orell Füssli where Patricia is once again signing books today! Or Amazon


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Thanks again to Modissa for organising such a great event!

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  1. Very interesting story and it shows life is not always what you think or believe, it is very complex 😘💋

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