How to wear Culottes

The other day my daughter asked me if I like everything that is fashionable right now or do I actually have my own style taste – I thought that was an interesting question coming from a 15 year old!

I was quick to come back with the answer that of course I have my own opinion and for example one thing I would never wear or write about was culottes…then I started asking whether I was being a bit closed minded here and after revisiting my Paris and Milan Street Style photos realised that there are ways you can wear culottes so that they do look quite OK. They are currently one of the main “hit pants”, I like seeing them on others. I might even try them out – but only with heels!

Culottes via Paris / Milan Street Style:

Have a look at some available online today:


Denim Culottes CHF199.78, Zodiac Pleated Culotte CHF 192.65

Have fun if you decide to try out culottes. Don’t forget to wear them with heels – smile!


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