How to Wear Colours to Make You Happy

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You can say what you want about fashion, but when all else fails it could just be what you wear that gives you that essential lift! Of course you don’t have to wait to be down to brighten your mood with colour. Why not choose to go for a cheerful colour also on a good day.

5 key colours to wear that are proven to make you happy are:

Radiant Red – for that feeling of glitz and glamour

Bold Bright Blue – for strength

Glorious Green – will give any outfit a bit of an edge

Sunshine Yellow – being the colour of happiness

Powerful Pink – for that youthful spring into your look

Keep reading to find out more about how to wear colours to make you happy….

How to wear colours to make you happy

How to wear colours to make you happy

Choose a bright cheerful colour that you personally love. For me this week it was this green dress from a favourite Australian brand Kamarecollective (currently on sale here).

How to wear colours to make you happy

This was not the case with this green dress, but if you choose a colour that is not so good for your complexion it’s also OK, just make sure that colour is not right up at your face.

Bright orange is one of those colours for me – it always looks very harsh against my face so instead I have this orange bag which has been one of my favourites for years now.

Bag is from Save My Bag (available here).

How to wear colours to make you happy

If you do break up your outfit with neutral tones, it’s good to have neutrals in two places. Here my blazer is neutral and the boots also a neutral/brown colour. It doesn’t matter that they are not the same neutrals. Simply having a repeat makes the outfit seem more put together.

Boots from Golden Carrot Shoes Zurich. This site is worth checking out – Cristina (shop owner) has just updated it and you can see a whole range of her fabulous looks being worn by her. Home delivery orders are also accepted.

How to wear colours to make you happy

Tips for how to wear colours to make you happy summary:
  1. Choose bright cheerful colours you love
  2. If it is a colour that doesn’t suit but you love, simply keep it away from your face.
  3. If breaking up your outfit with neutrals – wear neutrals in 2 parts of the outfit.

How to wear colours to make you happy

Shop now:

Outfits I would also try out to colour me happy…

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  1. very nice I love your Blog and your Ideas are really very nice and I have notice of thank you

  2. The dress is a beauty and so are the boots. Orange for me is an excellent colour near my face. But you solved it cleverly with that pretty bag.
    I tried a long jacket and a long skirt as well but it was awful on me. It probably has something to do with proportions, something I am not very good at.

  3. This is a bright, cheerful dress. I really like the style and have been keeping my eye out for one in a similar style. Your booties are so cute! I recently ordered a cowboy boot type pair not unlike yours, but sadly, they didn’t fit well. Have a great weekend!

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