How to Wear an Orange Bag – 3 Simple Tricks

How to Wear an Orange Bag - 3 Simple Tricks

Hi Everyone,

Colourful bags, especially orange, are certainly very trendy right now. However there are tricks to wearing them with the right clothing for maximum effect.

If your bag is all orange with no other colour then feel free to simply wear it with anything else you have. A plain orange bag can even look best simply added to the most colourful of outfits.

Should your orange bag have another colour as well like mine – with the black strap and detail on the side – you then need to give thought to your outfit. This post gives you 3 simple tricks to ensure you always wear your orange bag beautifully.

My bag is from MASHA KEJA – a lovely Parisian brand available online here.

Keep reading for my tips regarding “How to Wear an Orange Bag – 3 Simple Tricks”.


How to Wear an Orange Bag – 3 Simple Tricks

How to Wear an Orange Bag - 3 Simple Tricks

  1. Matching

Wearing an outfit with some orange and black in it will always bring out the best in your bag.

I love how my orange bag has made today’s simple jeans and blazer outfit look just that bit more special.


How to Wear an Orange Bag - 3 Simple Tricks

2. Monochrome

Wearing a monochrome outfit – where the whole outfit is one shade of one colour will also work for your two toned orange bag.

Interestingly  it really doesn’t matter what colour you wear although I would tend to stick to strong colours in preference to pastels for a bold orange bag. Least desirable is to wear the same shade or orange as then the bag will disappear in your outfit instead of making the statement it deserves.


How to Wear an Orange Bag - 3 Simple Tricks

3. Neutrals

An outfit made entirely of different neutral and white tones will also work. The orange will certainly pop out and add interest.


How to Wear an Orange Bag - 3 Simple Tricks


Masha Keja grew up in an artistic family. Her mother shared with her a love of beauty, of clothing design and painting, leading her down a natural path to the “Beaux-Arts” in Paris.

Masha started work as an apprentice at Lancel where she discovered the diversity of leathers, fell in love with them and decided to express her love of design, shapes, colours and materials through her work accessories. Over time Masha became the Head of Design for woman’s collections at Lancel. Later accessorising collections for Christian Lacroix.

Finally in 2009 with 15 years of experience, she launched her own leather goods brand. Collections consist of beiges and off-whites married with blacks inspired by the famous Haussmann buildings with their pretty black balconies in Paris. There are also deep reds mixed with black as a tribute to Parisian cabarets. Leather materials are ordered from the best French and Italian tanneries and all designs are made in small quantities.

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