How to Vamp Up a Classic Look

How to Vamp Up a Classic Look

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Let’s face it, no matter how interested people are in fashion, how many fashion magazines they may look at or instagram profiles they go through for inspiration most of us will end up leaving the house on a daily basis in a relatively classic outfit.

Classic is safe. It won’t shout out. Not so difficult to get wrong. Basically it’s an easy way of feeling well dressed without having to make too much of an effort.

However it’s also possible to go for mainly classic and give it a little pep to make it that much different. Something that will make you feel a little special. In the corporate world I would always practice doing this. Wearing a classic navy suit with a bright yellow top underneath. Or letting a pair of red shoes pep up an otherwise all black and white outfit.

It’s these simple tweaks that will pep up an otherwise classic outfit and add your own personality to it. Times have past where it was simply important to fit in. Today it’s important to show that you can make the difference.

This post is about how to vamp up a classic look and still feel comfortable.


How to Vamp Up a Classic Look

How to Vamp Up a Classic Look

Neutrals and earthy tones are quite an item right now. Making it very easy to simply blend into the scenery as with this photo… later we moved location…

How to Vamp Up a Classic Look

See the difference a colourful location makes…

Despite being known for wearing colour, there are times when I too feel like sinking into the safe zone of neutrals.

My secret to pepping up an otherwise neutral outfit is in the detail. With todays look it’s all about the peplum shirt, the black tie around the neck and my sunglasses (absolutely in love with these – outfit details at the end of this post).

Peplum is something I am a real sucker for. I’ll always pick up a piece if I se a nice one in the store.

How to Vamp Up a Classic Look

Deep in conversation as this picture was taken…

How to Vamp Up a Classic Look

Any top that’s a little interesting would work – simply aim for an unusual cut. This way it doesn’t really matter about the colour and you can stick to an all neutral colour theme yet still have an interesting outfit – one with a bit of Vamp – smile!

Ruffles are a big theme this season – you might like to go for ruffles instead of peplum…

Shop Now:


Let’s talk bags – especially when this one has such a cute story behind it…

Atelier Avanzar – a bag label created by Margarita, a lovely woman from Ecuador now living in Switzerland. All of her bags are hand made in Ecuador by local women. There is also a special Avanzar foundation that has been set up and profits from the bags go to this foundation which supports sick children and women in need in Ecuador.


Outfit Details:

Coat – found on sale in Grieder – similar here

Blouseavailable here

Jeans – old – similar here

Bootscurrently on sale here

Glassesavailable here

Bagavailable here


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