How to Survive a Long Haul Flight Without Jet-lag!

Picture from Singapore Airlines

Hi Everyone,

Believe it or not it is possible to fly -even economy – from Europe to the South Pacific or vice versa and not have any jet-lag or at least hardly any! Living in Switzerland with my Mum in New Zealand means I have had plenty of experience in doing this long haul flight and have really sussed out the secrets re how to fly without getting jet lag – I never have much time when I visit so can’t afford jet lag!

Keep reading to find out more about how to survive a long haul flight without jet lag!

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight Without Jet-lag!

Picture from Singapore Airlines

The seat looks great right – well don’t be fooled just because you fly business class does not mean you can escape jet lag!

Secret Proven Tricks for Surviving the flight without Jet Lag:
1) Clothing 

Make sure you wear something you would feel comfortable sleeping in.

Favourite of mine is a Tracksuit from Lululemon Teamed up with slip on sneakers from on-running.

2) Prepare for Water

If you fly Business it’s no problem because they give you bottles of water but in economy it is served per glass and you run the risk of not drinking enough – esp if like me you don’t want glasses of water in the dark in case you spill it or turbulence occurs. So if you fly economy carry on board with you an empty bottle which you can ask to be filled with water!

At minimum aim to drink one litre every 2 – 3 hours!

3) Eat as little as possible

Believe it or not whatever class you fly and no matter how fab the food may seem you will feel a ton better at the other end if you have managed to eat hardly anything! Personally I make sure that I miss at least one meal on every long haul leg!

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Picture from Singapore Airlines
4) To Wine or not to Wine?

I always allow myself one glass of wine – just enough to get me into “chill” mode 😉

5) When to Sleep?

The minute you step into that plane tell yourself it’s the time it’s going to be at the other end and act accordingly. i.e. If you are flying at lunchtime and it is midnight where you are going you make yourself sleep – if you can’t sleep it is not a problem relax and close your eyes, dream of something wonderful – it is almost as effective as the real thing!

6) Sleeping tips

You will not catch me taking a sleeping pill ever but this is personal so I leave that up to you. There are however two things I do:

a) ask for an eye mask – this helps not to be woken if your neighbour decides to turn on the reading light etc.

b) take a sleeping pillow with you  – everyone stares at me when I do this but I won’t fly without it! In economy it acts as a great prop to lean sidewards on and sleep – in business it converts the bed to a real sleeping area (plane pillows being so small).

7) Stopover tips!

Eat drink and be merry!

Sounds fab doesn’t it… but if you eat on land you won’t need to eat in the air. If you have enough time for a nap treat yourself to a real bed in one of the airport hourly hotel rooms. Last but definitely not least EXCERCISE! Walk as much as possible whilst awake, go for a swim or to the gym if possible.

My favourite stopover airport is Changi in Singapore I love the fact you can go through customs and walk to the nearest hotel Crown Plaza which has beautiful rooms and the most awesome pool!  crowne-plaza-singapore-2867648052-4x3

Check out any special stopover packages at the airport you will be waiting in.

Here a few useful links for Singapore Stopovers:

Free Singapore Tour

Shopping & Dining

Things to do – this is a great link if travelling with children!

More Tips on a Singapore Stopover

Wishing you all a fab long haul flight – perhaps we’ll see each other en-route one day!


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PPS: This is not a sponsored post. It’s simply written from the heart based on experience. Note if you have little kids all tips go out the window as kids rule – sorry but true 😉

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