How to Successfully Style Neutrals for Autumn

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Autumn is one of those seasons when cosiness is number one, and along with cosiness for me comes the topic of neutrals. However whilst they sound lovely, neutrals worn wrongly can actually make you look really washed out.

I learnt this the hardest way out – at my daughters christening. My Dad bought me the prettiest camel suit which I wore with pride but on the photos I seriously look like a very washed out tired person.

So in this short post I’m now sharing 5 tips on how to successfully style neutrals for Autumn.


How to Successfully Style Neutrals for Autumn

  1. Different textures

Wearing different textures in your neutrals outfit always adds a touch of interest to it.

2. Add an element of “matchy matchy”

In the outfit above you see the sneakers totally match the coat. This gives the outfit a more complete look and feel to it. It becomes obvious that some thought has been put into the outfit and it’s not just a jumble of pieces thrown together.

3. Go for bulky knits

For some reason I bulky knit will always look cosier than it’s finer counterpart. Not to forget that bulk knits also appear more fun/funky.

4. Use different tones

Even or rather especially for an outfit centred around neutrals it is important to wear different tones of colour. Teaming grey with camel is one way of doing this. You might also consider adding a chestnut brown instead of the grey or matching the grey with different tones of grey.

5. Carefully choose the colours around your face

This has to be the most important tip of them all. Cream in particular can make you look washed out in Winter – stick to white as this has a crisper, more youthful look to it. Light camel tones can also make you look washed out so if you are going to wear them close to your face, make sure there is another colour nearby to offset the effect. Here the grey sweater prevents the camel coat from making me look washed out.


Outfit details:

Entire look, including sneakers is from the current Caroll collection.

In store there is a presale until 8th November of up to 40% on select items and 30% off all coats so it is worth checking out:

Boutique Caroll Paris,

Schifflände 26, 8001 Zürich


alternatively check out the online store here



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  1. This outfit looks really good on you. And I agree with your tips. But I have decided not to walk this dodgy path and not buy neutrals. Having said that I suddenly remember my cream jumper with buttons. For me cream works much, much better in winter than white. Strange, right?

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