How to Style Fine Jewellery for Summer

How to Style Fine Jewellery for Summer

Hi Everyone,

Summer at our doorstep and the perfect time to show off all your pretty jewellery. Personally I always find chunky statement jewellery an easy outfit accessory. However fine jewellery worn correctly can look even prettier. Plus it is much more comfortable to wear during warmer temperatures. You can wear many pieces and create your own fun, daily combinations.

The idea for this article came after discovering a pretty jewellery store in the heart of Zurich, Michèle Ebinger Jewels.

How to Style Fine Jewellery for Summer

Michèle is a super kind woman who loves to travel and discover artists along the way. All pieces in her store are hand picked pieces from carefully chosen artists. Each piece has it’s own story to tell.

Michèle is also great at combining different pieces and giving advice how to wear jewellery with what you already have.

I can really recommend a visit to the store next time you are in the heart of Zurich: Augustinergasse, 52, CH-8001 Zürich.

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How to Style Fine Jewellery for Summer

How to Style Fine Jewellery for Summer

There are 5 easy tricks to styling fine jewellery in Summer:

  1. Match your outfit

We all like to wear colours in Summer, so it really is the perfect time to get out your colourful jewellery and wear pieces that purposefully complement your outfit.

2. Layering

The great thing about fine jewellery is that is perfect for layering without weighing you down or looking too much.

Do be careful though that you have different lengths when layering necklaces – you don’t want them all to be one length.

How to Style Fine Jewellery for Summer
3. Take your skin colour into account

When choosing fine jewellery you do need to be extra careful that the colour of the metal doesn’t disappear into your natural skin colour. If you are very very pale silver/white gold may not be the best option.

4. Mix the golds

As well as playing with colour, summer is also the perfect time for mixing the metal colours of your fine jewellery.

5. Wear quality

These days there is such an abundance of costume jewellery that it can be easy to be tempted. However this is truly not ideal for Summer as it reacts faster to creams and sunshine and is more likely to look bad very quickly.

There is something to be said for choosing quality jewellery pieces that you love and will wear for many years to come.

How to Style Fine Jewellery for Summer

If you are in Zurich I recommend:

Michèle Ebinger Jewels

Augustinergasse 52, CH-8001 Zurich



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