How to Stay Stylish and Comfy at Home this Spring

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How to stay stylish and comfy at home this Spring is also a little bit of a confession from my part. So many beautiful women are doing the dress up thing at home – looking amazing in going out outfits. Whilst I don’t mind over dressing or dressing up to go grocery shopping wearing something stiff at home all day is a big no no for me!

Having said that I’m a great believer in dressing for comfort and style in one. Little a-line dresses are a top trend this Spring. The perfect thing to wear at home and be comfy at the same time. This one has a special memory for me as I bought it together with my Mum earlier this year in New Zealand. It was my last day there and I knew I couldn’t wear it for awhile as I was about to travel back into Winter. However I fell in love with it at first sight and simply had to get it…

On that note keep reading for a few easy tips to dressing stylish and comfy at home.


How to Stay Stylish and Comfy at Home this Spring

How to Stay Stylish and Comfy at Home this Spring

Tip 1: Rediscover your wardrobe

Simply open the doors wide and really have a good look at everything you have in it for Spring/Summer.

Make a special space for cute comfy 2020 trend items to be worn at home.  Top trend items include maxi dresses, knee length a-line dresses, knee length shorts, soft floaty maxi skirts and comfy jogger trousers.

Stick to pieces easily washable, soft fabrics, comfy waistbands.

Organise pieces by colour so they are pleasing to the eye, inspirational to look at and easy to combine.

How to Stay Stylish and Comfy at Home this Spring

Tip 2: Wear pretty accessories with your lounge wear

As you are at home you can combine fun things you wouldn’t normally wear together out in public. Play with different necklace combinations, find a sunny spot at home and wear a hat and sunglasses for fun.

Imagine sweat pants and t-shirt worn with a fabulous statement necklace – wonderful!

Play with cardigans and sweaters too – try wearing a cardigan as a scarf over a simple t-shirt – one of my favourites for a little warmth and looks fun too.

How to Stay Stylish and Comfy at Home this Spring

Tip 3: Make the effort to wear something different each day

Especially important if you are working from home and have the odd video conference call. You don’t want your work colleague’s or clients see you dressed the same day in day out.

Use this time as an opportunity to wear items in your wardrobe you normally wouldn’t. Create new and unique combinations. It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it looks put together. Even soft jersey shorts and a simple t-shirt can make for a cute outfit when teamed up with a pretty kimono.

How to Stay Stylish and Comfy at Home this Spring

Dress inspiration…

This dress bought from the Australian label Seed heritage.

Here are a few other outfits from a favourite Italian label Phisique du Role – usually available in 13 select stores throughout Switzerland.  However now due to COVID-19 FunkyForty GmbH supporting small local shops throughout Switzerland and can organise special home delivery – simply email for more information.



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Wishing you lots of Spring wardrobe fun.


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  1. you look very comfortable in your little Dress and I am sure it is always nice when you are comfortable dressed and not sit the whole day only in your night gowns attire

  2. I have to agree! After early retirement, I fell into the grunge trap and started feeling as bad as I looked! I started pulling out all my favourite clothes bought on holiday (but never had time to enjoy at home) and felt so much better! Instead of changing to go out, I change for gardening and cleaning tasks and look nice the rest of the time.

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