How to Shop for Teenagers Made Easy!

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Summer vacation is about to end and the time has come to shop for our Teenagers in preparation for school. Having heard loads of parents really have a hard time when it comes to shopping for teens I decided to share 5 favourite Teenager shopping tips that have proven to work along with some pictures of last weeks teenage shopping trip.

At the end of this post you’ll find a  Zurich Teenage shopping tour map. However the shopping tips apply wherever you may be.

Version 2

How to Shop for Teenagers Made Easy:

1. Make sure you get a good overview of your teenagers wardrobe beforehand.

I like to sort clothes into piles of tops, dresses, jumpers, trousers etc. Ensure all items that are too small or won’t be worm for whatever reason are removed. Then it’s easy to see what is really needed.


2. Shop with friends

Preferably another mother and Teenie. This gives the added benefit of moral support and a little fun…make sure though that whoever you shop with has similar spending habits to you.

Khaki shirts Zara – similar here

3. Have a clear budget in mind.

Know yourself in advance how much you’re going to spend and keep tally throughout the shopping trip. If more expensive items such as coats etc are needed remember to take these into account in your budget.

Trench Coats Zara – similar here

4. Leave a little budget aside for something fun.

Believe me giving in to the smallest fun thing will really brighten your Teenie and make your life easier too – hehe.

Shirts Zara – similar here, Trousers Zara – similar here

5. Have a laugh!

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away and why not have some fun whilst shopping. If your Teenie selects something you really don’t like or find totally inappropriate turn your comment into a joke rather than serious  – works wonders and it’s the one way (based on experience) mother always wins – hehe.

Version 2
Brandy Melville jumpsuit dresses – similar here

Dont beat yourself up if your shattered by the end of the day – happens to us all!

IMG_4787 (1)PS: Mums are allowed some fun too (essential to any shopping trip)


 Funky Forty Zurich Teenage Shopping Tour map!


  1. Zara – Useful for basics
  2. Mango – Good for accessories and tops
  3. Review – Always good for an adorable trend piece. We like the store in the train station.
  4. Fizzen – love their concept
  5. Titolo – Best sneaker shop in Zurich
  6. Brandy Melville –  Often something fun to find.



Wishing you all lots of fun with your teenage shopping trips!

A special thanks to my own special Teenie – Cassia, and adorable friends Branda and Lotta, for agreeing to be part of this post and your wonderful modelling – love all the poses!

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