How to Perfectly Style Palazzo Pants

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There’s something about palazzo pants that, provided styled well, will make any woman look fabulous. Their wonderful long flowing lines makes palazzo pants easy to dress up for a special occasion. Teamed with a t-shirt will dress them down enough for an every day outfit. Perfect for a trip into the city.

An urban myth:

Many shorter women shy away from palazzo pants as they feel they will look even shorter in them. However believe me this is not necessarily so. Due to the fact that palazzo pants really do go down to the ground they will elongate your legs if anything. A good trick is to wear them with heels.

Easy to follow styling tips:

  1. Bring a matching component into your outfit. It may be that your top matches the pants or it may be that your trousers match an accessory. However some sort of matching element is essential. Note, simply matching shoes with your palazzo pants doesn’t count as shoes are often left hidden.
  2. A high waist with slim fitting cropped top will give you the most elongated look.
  3. Throw age out the window and if you have the figure for it – dare to leave a little midriff bare. Fun fact – you often see over 40 women styling their palazzo pants like this during Milan and Paris fashion weeks!
  4. For maximum effect limit your outfit to 3 colours.
  5. If your waist is not your strong point, simply team your palazzo pants with either an open longer shirt or long coat/cardigan. This slims down your overall look. Try to keep one half of the shirt or coat/cardigan tucked behind a little as this will give the impression of a waist even for larger figures.

Keep reading for examples of “How to Perfectly Style Palazzo Pants”

The palazzo pants I am wearing today are available online or made to order here.


How to Perfectly Style Palazzo Pants

Worn with simple t-shirt

Sometimes a simple t-shirt is all you need to complete your pretty palazzo pant look.

Palazzo pants available here.


Styled for a night out

This is where I say forget about age, if you have the figure keep going and let your midriff show!

Truth be told, when I first bought the top I was a little nervous myself about whether I would be brave enough to wear it. However each time I wear it I get so many complements that it’s a real confidence booster. Encouragement for you too!

Tip: If it makes you uncomfortable to show your midriff, you could start by simply adding a sheer black shirt to the outfit. Be sure to wear it open.

Palazzo pants available here.

You can also have them custom made to your personal measurements.


Styled for a day in the city

I love creating interesting outfits for a day in town and this palazzo pants look is one of my favourites.

Love how the back has a different look to the front…

The tie front is also a fun feature as it means you can wear them higher or lower – as you wish.

Pants available online here or they can also be made to measure and adjusted with your own personal wishes. Online they are described as being 3/4 so if you are taller than me (162 cm) they will have the desired effect on you – smile!



Wishing you fun with your palazzo pants!

If you are close to St Gallen, Switzerland and looking for something special to wear – including palazzo pants or any other occasion outfit, my top tip is:

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