How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

Hi Everyone,

1st of March is also the first day of  meteorological Spring. Here in Zurich the sun has come out and I even found myself venturing out into the garden pruning my grape vine.

However Spring has one danger to it. This is that it pretends to be warm by giving us wonderful warm rays of sun but then the minute the sun goes down temperatures drop dramatically. A time when many people catch colds – really not what you want in todays environment.

Fortunately I have now found the perfect solution for stepping into Spring mode yet staying cosy warm.

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How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

The first thing I always want to do in Spring is to stop wearing those stiff thick winter coats. I’ve given up counting the number of times I have replaced my winter coat with a lovely thin Spring version and then found myself freezing. Anyone else know the feeling?

Finally I’ve found the solution…

The solution being this wonderful warm cashmere cardigan/coat replacement. Because of the double layering the wind doesn’t seep through. I remain warm as toast yet it’s so comfy it feels as though I am dressed with home wear out in the streets.

How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

This cashmere cardigan/coat is from a relatively new German label – Cashmere Victim – founded in 2016 by Konstanze Maager.

The quality is absolutely amazing. Konstanze sent me this cardigan and a silk shirt (see here). I have simply fallen in love with both pieces.

How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

Even more exciting  this cardigan is currently on sale reduced from EUR 798 to EUR 290.

If I didn’t already have one I would buy it now as I know this is one piece that will remain a staple in my wardrobe for years to come. Remember camel is one of this colours that simply never dates – see here.

Shop Cardigan here

How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

How to move into Spring and Stay Cosy Warm

About the bag…

Atelier Avanzar – a bag label created by Margarita, a lovely woman from Ecuador now living in Switzerland. All of her bags are hand made in Ecuador by local women. There is also a special Avanzar foundation that has been set up and profits from the bags go to this foundation which supports sick children and women in need in Ecuador.

Shop the bag here 


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  1. I love your Coat/Jacket seeing it is Cashmere it will be nice and warm and having it in Camel Colour it will stay for a long time nice and fashionable I also love your little Handbag looks very nice to

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