How to Mood Boost Your Wardrobe in Spring

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Colour is a proven way of boosting your mood as well as the mood of those around you. Something I have always believed in and practised purposefully.

Even whilst working in the Finance industry I would wear a super bright pink and orange striped cardigan to the office under my navy blue suit. It certainly had an impact. Once an old boss of mine especially visited me in my new department in the hope I would be wearing that cardigan as it always cheered him up.

So you can imagine how happy the lovely new trend of bright multicoloured cardigans is making me. It’s making sure to be colourful all Spring long even when the weather decides to go back to grey and cold for a bit.

Todays outfit is available in store and online (with international shipping), at Maison Gassmann, one of my favourite stores right in the heart of Zurich.

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How to Mood Boost Your Wardrobe in Spring

This cardigan really is the cutest. I recommend investing in a good one which will last you for many years to come. Check out the latest in colourful cardigans available online here.

Don’t just stop at cardigans this Spring is so much about colour that cute colourful heels are also called for.

I bought these in Russell Bromley on my last trip to London.

The jeans are “Mother”, fresh in store at Maison Gassmann and also come in green. Have spotted the prettiest blue and green multi coloured cardigan in store too in case that is your preferred colour palette.

The linen shirt also looks great out and could easily be worn over a bathing suit for your Summer vacation…

You’ll find a few pretty linen shirts to choose from here.

Wishing you lots of fun mood boosting your wardrobe with colour this Spring!



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  1. very nice love your Cardigan it looks really very happy and like sunshine thank you for your blog I love it

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