How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

Hi Everyone,

So yes, whilst we have been staying home to help the Coronavirus stop spreading throughout the community, slowly the time has come to start finding our way back to normality.

The shops have opened in Switzerland and hotels are also starting to open their doors. Research has proven that a short weekend break away can even be more beneficial than a longer vacation. After all you won’t run into many of the issues that typically come up with planning longer trips. As it was our 22nd Wedding Anniversary we decided to treat ourselves to a night away in Flims, Switzerland. Being respectful of the situation we booked an apartment at the Hide Hotel Flims – more pictures further down.

However in order to really enjoy your weekend away you also need to master the art of stress free packing. This post outlines my tips. The tips that have truly saved me tons of work, heartache and potential “dressed wrong” situations.

Keep reading to find out more about How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

The first thing to remember when packing for a weekend away is that really is only a weekend! No need to take your whole wardrobe with you for one or two nights away.

Tip 1: Make your going away outfit the same as your coming home outfit

I make it a rule to have my going away outfit also my coming home outfit.

This trip my travelling outfit was this pretty Yvonne S dress and new GLCO sunglasses both found at Réjane Rosenberger teamed with booties from Golden Carrot.

The designer of the dress – Yvonne Sporre, used to be a Top Model in the 70’s. and later moved into designing bohemian dresses she too loves to wear. They are all personally designed by Yvonne and no 2 dresses are exactly alike.

How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

This picture was taken on Sunday once back in Zurich.

How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing
Tip 2: Pack a multipurpose outfit

A multi purpose outfit should work for whatever activity you might be doing during your stay away. In this case it meant having an outfit which would be cosy for lounging around our apartment and also suitable if we decided to go biking or hiking – after all we were heading to the mountains!

Not to forget the Poncho wrap – one of those pieces to be taken along to any trip. Currently available online here.

How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

For me this meant this cute sweatshirt and leggings outfit – also found at Réjane Rosenberger. 

The leggings are an Italian label PRISM – which specialises in functional stretch sports and home wear – including undergarments. The sweater is from the American label Electric and Rose which was founded along Venice Beach.

Slides are Ancient Greek Sandals – perfect for inside now but I can’t wait to team them up with my summer dresses.

I also packed a pair of on-runing multi purpose trainers. These are super light and I almost always pack a pair with me when going away.

As it was, we ended up testing the hotel’s electric bikes… discovering a superbly hidden lake along the way…

Awesome mountain bikes can be rented directly from the hotel. A backpack can be found in each of the Hide Hotel Flims hotel rooms.

Biking finished off with a lovely glass of Champagne in our room before dinner.

How to Master Perfect Stress Free Weekend Packing

Tip  3: Evening outfit

Only pack an evening outfit if you really are going out for dinner. Make your evening look a dress which is easy to fold carefully and pack along with a cute pair of heels.

Tip 4: The rest

Have a standard set of “goto” items for weekends away. A prepared bathroom bag, set of makeup, hairbrush and underwear.

Tip 5: Leave it at that!

Stop the urge of taking just in case items, (unless it’s a jacket for rain/cold). Chances are you won’t need them and they are just more to pack and unpack at the beginning and end of your trip away.

Apartment overview:

Our apartment had  a  balcony stretched along two sides. One side with a view into the greenery and a flowing river. Really giving us a feeling of being in our very own remote world of wilderness. The other side had a view to the main building and mountains in the distance.

The apartment contained everything one could possibly need in order to be self sufficient. With extra care taken in the choice of functional furniture in cooperation with Domus Leuchten Möbel AG, St Gallen.

See also previous 2019 post where I stayed in the hotel itself,

making use of the wonderful spa here.

For more information:


Via Nova 80
CH-7017 Flims

+41 81 911 15 11

Outfits for the following concept store:

Zürichstrasse 89, 8700 Küsnacht 

5 minutes walk from the Goldbach/Küsnacht train station – Parking also available

Tel.  0041 (0)44 491 50 00 /

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Lovely outfits. I love those perfect boots with the dress and the juxtaposition they give. But I never do it because with the boots I am warm or hot at my feet and with the breezy dress I am cool or cold at the top.
    Love the LOVE photo of the two of you at the bottom of the post.

  2. Thank you very much dear Yvonne for sharing your weekend with me it looks very relaxing and comfortable and so are you I love your comments on what to take for a only weekend, so very useful thank you very much! H x

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