How to Make the Colour Red Your most Powerful Asset!

 How to Make the Colour Red Your most Powerful Asset!

Hi Everyone,

Red is one of those colours that is so powerful it can go either hugely wrong or become your biggest asset.

The colour red represents energy and power. If you want to be noticed then it is certainly the best colour ever to wear. Wear it to work to portray leadership and enthusiasm. But don’t wear it to a job interview! Why? Wearing red to a job interview can go two ways – either you will scare the person interviewing you or give them the impression you are trying to be provocative.

Many people believe they can’t wear red because it drains all the colour out of them. The secret here is to choose the right tone of red for you. You may even wear different shades of red for different seasons.

There are a few tricks to making red your most powerful asset – keep reading to find out.


 How to Make the Colour Red Your most Powerful Asset!

Red - How to make it Your most Powerful Asset!

Firstly if you’re going to wear red close to your face make sure it works with your current skin tone. This orange red tone is one I will only wear as a top in Summer as during Winter it really does make me even paler than I already am. If you have olive skin all year round then you too can get away with it in Winter.

I am finding myself wearing this lovely top lots now.  Found on sale at paradis des innocents – one of my favourite Zurich designers. If you’re currently in Zurich it’s certainly worth while checking out her fabulous sale right now!

 How to Make the Colour Red Your most Powerful Asset!

Having said that a red top is brilliant for an important meeting in the office where you want to make sure you have an impact.

PS: note the pockets on the back of the skirt are the same as the front… special patented design by Lakoula.

Red - How to make it Your most Powerful Asset!

Teaming red with another colour such as black will giver more power to the  colour. I’ve teamed the shirt up with this lovely black skirt from a favourite Munich designer of mine Martina Koula with her shop based in Munich Lakoula – if you’re ever in the neighbourhood you have to try her limited edition pieces!

An all red outfit can have the same impact as all black. Better to leave that sort of look for the cooler months. Then you can go all the way and even wear matching red tights.

 How to Make the Colour Red Your most Powerful Asset!

Red shoes are the best thing a woman can ever own and should be in every wardrobe. if you don’t wear heels treat yourself to a pair of red flats. they will brighten up any outfit.

Perfect accessory for “bad taste days” – all you need to do is dress safe in all black and then add a pair of red shoes to brighten the whole look. This trick works in any season!

 How to Make the Colour Red Your most Powerful Asset!


Outfit details:

Red shirt – c/o paradis des innocents (currently having the most awesome sale)

Skirt – c/o Lakoula (Munich designer)

Shoes – Zara, similar here.

Bag – Prada, similar here


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  1. Very nice I actually love red and somehow it is a friendly colour and you can wear it when ever to brighten up your mood

  2. What a divine outfit. I’m absolutely obsessed with that embellished skirt, I’d be dancing instead of walking. Red certainly is your color, well done.
    Xo, Jonet

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