How to Make Even Your Home Wear Look Festive in Seconds!

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Only a few days until Christmas. Increasing COVID-19 cases is having an impact on most of us. Christmas at home with only a couple of people looks to be inevitable. It seems almost pointless to bother dressing up and looking festive this year.

However dressing up a little, taking pleasure in what you are wearing or even making your home wear look more festive  can also be a lifeline during these uncertain times.  It’s more important than ever now to do whatever you can to make the festive season as nice as possible and bring a little joy to your hearts.

This post is for all of you who need something to cheer you up or a little inspiration for something that might bring joy to a friend or loved one.

Keep reading for more about how to make even your home wear look festive in seconds!


How to Make Even Your Home Wear Look Festive in Seconds!

How to Make Even Your Homewear Look Festive in Seconds!

The answer  to making your home ware look festive is easy – it’s all about adding a little bling.

This year I decided to invest in a few Suenia Zurich pieces and have never looked back. So many cute designs and reasonably priced from Eur 29.90 meaning you can afford to get a few pieces to play with.

How to Make Even Your Homewear Look Festive in Seconds!

Siena Zurich jewellery has been created by two Spanish sisters with a passion for fashion. One of them now lives in Switzerland and so Suenia Zurich was born.

I truly love the story of the sisters, both coming from the Finance world, with jobs in several countries and long office hours between Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore. Finally one day they had the courage to follow their dreams and passion, creating Suenia Zurich.

As lifelong travellers, their deep love for traditional handmade crafts have formed the inspiration of many of the brand’s pieces, which are today still handcrafted by women artisans worldwide, always under safe and fair conditions.

How to Make Even Your Homewear Look Festive in Seconds!

I tend to wear simple black and white at home. Since my new IGGI (Laura Star Steamer), you’ll often find me in shirts and tights or leggings…

Adding little decorative jewellery pieces to these outfits really makes a difference to how I look and feel at home.


Check out the super cute online store here: (International Shipping)

Free shipping for all orders over Eur 89.



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nb: this post was written in collaboration with Suenia Zurich but all opinions are my own and I am a genuine fan of these pretty jewellery pieces.

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Great post Yvonne. Such gorgeous jewellery – I love the pieces you have & would love to buy some for gifts ( & for me !) but I live in Australia. Not sure they have international delivery?? Best wishes.

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