How to Make an Impact Wearing Blue

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Blue is one of those colours you’ll find in everyone’s wardrobe. Usually one of the safe colours to go for when you don’t know what to wear or simply want to play it safe.

However it was  by surprise that I found myself making an impact wearing blue just this weekend! Initially searching for a pretty white dress to wear to a Summer party, I found myself instead falling in love with this blue one…

This is an easy read post for you with 3 simple tips for creating your blue outfit and a selection of blue items to shop at the end.

Keep reading to find out more about how you too can make an impact wearing blue.


How to make an Impact Wearing Blue

Get the right shade of blue

The first thing to look out for is the right shade of blue. Difficult to make an impact wearing navy blue, or very pale pastel blue. Go for a shade of blue with a certain vibrance to it.

The dress above is a light blue but also has a certain vibrance to it.


Go for volume

Once you’ve decided you want to make an impact wearing blue the next step is to go for volume. Easily done at the moment with maxi dresses being hot on the trend list.


Focus on the accessories

Once you have found the blue dress or ensemble you wish to wear, team it up with matching accessories.

My bag is from Sarah Haran – available here in a number of colours.

Shoes are Sam Edelman from a few years ago – similar available here.


It’s amazing how putting together a blue outfit like this will instantly put you into party mode!


Feeling as though I am in 7th heaven at the Waldhaus Flims Summer party.


Shop other blue items that will make an impact here:


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With love from the balcony of my lovely room at the Waldhaus Flims!



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  1. very nice maybe I have to buy for myself also a blue dress actually I love the colour very nice

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