How to Experience the Real Ibiza Vibe

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Last week I spent a few days in Ibiza. To be honest it was more an escape combined with work rather than pure vacation. The main point of the trip was a photo shoot – see post here. However the minute I reached the first beach of the island I realised there was something special about Ibiza. Something much more magical than other islands I have visited.

Could it be the effects of Es Vedrà?  An island less than 2 miles off the west coast of Ibiza, cited as being the third most magnetic place in the world after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle. There are so many stories about Es Vedrà – many believe it to be the tip of the Lost City of Atlantis. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know whether Atlantis truly ever existed…

In any case my 3 day stint on Ibiza really left it’s mark. I can totally see why people fall in love with the island and never want to leave. This visit I stayed in a beautifully hidden yet magical B&B.


keep on reading to find out more about how to experience the real Ibiza vibe.


How to Experience the Real Ibiza Vibe

First and foremost visit Ibiza in a free state of mind. Be prepared for whatever comes and simply go with the flow.

The best way to experience the real vibe of Ibiza is to meet the locals. If you don’t know anyone there already then the way to do this is to stay at a B&B.


I stayed at the Can Pura B&B.  Although the pool looks magnificent the truly nice thing about staying at Can Pura was meeting the owner Adri van den Bos.

Originally from the Netherlands with a background of working in casino’s all over the World, teaching people how to play black jack. He had to go to Ibiza for a funeral and ended up staying. Originally owning a beach bar and now the Can Pura B&B.

Adri likes to think of Can Pura as being more of a “Coming Home Residence” rather than simply a B&B. It truly is the perfect place to relax and simply let go of the stresses and troubles of every day life.

The residence has three double bedrooms and one suite with private bathroom and terrace with view over the Morna Valley.

Breakfast at Can Pura is a real treat – Adri (who is also a cook) has a selection of fabulous healthy breakfast recipes at his fingertip. He is rumoured to have the best authentic breakfast on the island.

My absolute favourite was the fruit bowl with quinoa, walnuts, coconut meal, almonds, pumpkin seeds and more.

Once a week there is also a bbq and locals are also invited to come along and share their own secret Ibiza tips and stories with guests.


On my first morning all guests met at 5:30 am for a drive and then short walk to the watch the sunrise and have a picnic breakfast on the rocks.


The first night we had dinner at a lovely beach cafe which even during Ibiza’s busiest times is largely frequented by locals. Eating the most delicious paella ever!

Santa Eulalia del Rio

Santa Eulalia del Rio


Las Dalias

A visit to Las Dalias – Ibiza’s most famous night market. With over 200 stalls this really is a must visit. The market has an interesting history dating back to the 1950’s.

Be sure to have a light meal at the restaurant just at the entrance – the food is superb!



The beaches in Ibiza are super interesting. There are about 65 beaches, maybe even more. Each one seems to be totally different. Some with totally flat water and others with perfect body surfing waves. Some very touristy surrounded by hotels and others totally emerged in nature. There are also plenty of secret beaches – smile!

At every beach we went to there was a chiringuito (beach bar) serving fabulously fresh food and drinks.

People are totally relaxed and going topless would appear to be the norm.

Camino La Haya
Aguas Blancas



One of the cutest villages for shopping is Santa Gertrudis De Fruitera. Certainly worth a visit and the perfect place to buy souvenirs or stop for lunch.


Bar Anita

Bar Anita in the picturesque village of San Carlos is reputed to be the original ‘hippie bar’ of Ibiza.

However the love story behind the bar is what makes it truly special. There is a church across the road from the bar. Anita was a Nun at the church but fell in love with the bar keeper. After some years of secret romance she left the church and bought the bar. As a way of earning extra money she set up a postal system where Hippies or anyone else without a fix address could rent a post box at the bar. This postal system is still in operation today.


More impressions of Can Pura


Adri van den Bos

+31 (0) 6 54 27 07 63


A huge thanks to both  Adri and Cristina from Golden Carrot Shoes & More for giving me such a great time in Ibiza!

If you haven’t already do remember to have a look at our Fashion photoshoot post here.



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