How to End Fitness Procrastination Forever!

BestFitnessAppsWith this cold and dreary weather who wants to go outside for a run…these days even wrapping up to go for a daily walk takes effort. In reality however we can always think of 1’000 reasons why not to do fitness even though once we’ve made the effort we feel even more than 1’000 times better (stronger, healthier, skinnier…the list goes on).

First answer in response to fitness outside is of course to go to some sort of fitness centre. I used to be put off by all the fancy centres around filled solely with beautiful people until my hubby got me going to the local university fitness centre – love it (if you live in Zurich that will be the ASVZ) – maybe there’s a good university fitness centre near you?

Otherwise  you might like to try this workout created by Ted Baker – made me laugh so much I fell off the chair – do you think that counts as fitness too???

How to really End Fitness Procrastination Forever is however simpler than you think! All you need to do is buy yourself some super cool new fitness outfits and voila, I am certain you’ll magically find the time to have to do some fitness – smile!


Have fallen in love with the New Ted Baker Fitness Collection – check out:


Ted Baker Monorose collection

The collection also comes with some cute accessories:

uk-Mens-Gifts-Gifts-for-Her-IREENS-Monorose-armband-Nude-Pink-DA5W_IREENS_57-NUDE-PINK_2.jpg Monrose Armband for your iphone – brilliant! I just know my daughter is going to want one of these when she reads this post (smile).

uk-Mens-Gifts-Gifts-for-Her-DRYYME-Monorose-hand-towel-Nude-Pink-DA5W_DRYYME_57-NUDE-PINK_1.jpg Matching hand towel – at £29  I am def getting this!!!

uk-Womens-Accessories-Bags-MARIESA-Monorose-print-backpack-Nude-Pink-XA5W_MARIESA_57-NUDE-PINK_1.jpgThe perfect backpack to carry your sports items.

OK, so now you’re all decked out with new sports gear there’s no excuse off you go!!!

You’ll thank me later I promise!


PS: Just as a little foot note – based on personal experience Ted Baker is my most favourite online shopping brand ever – postage was super quick and packaging is awesome!


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