How to be a Stylish Tourist in London

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Just back from the most dreamy weekend in London. London as many European cities can be tricky to pack for as you just don’t know what the weather will be like. In addition the English do have a slightly different style sense than continental Europeans. This coupled with the fact that recently I received a lot of comments about people enjoying travel style inspiration from my Instagram feed, is why I am now writing this post.

Many people associate being a tourist with wearing comfy jeans and running shoes. However it doesn’t need to be like that. You can be dressed right for travel and look stylish at the same time. There are just a few simple tricks which I’ve highlighted along the way.

Keep reading to find out more about how to be a stylish tourist in London.


How to be a Stylish Tourist in London

Layers and a hat

Layers and a hat would have to be rule number one. I arrived wearing trench coat and stretch blazer only to find the sun streaming down and lovely warm temperatures.

Hence I was so happy to be able to peel off and put on my new hat from Atelier Avanzar. The hat is part of a special project with Pink Ribbon Schweiz, a foundation that supports research against breast cancer.

The maxi skirt

A nice maxi skirt adds a little style to any outfit. A real favourite item for London! This is one I bought several years ago at TopShop

ps: necklaces from the lovely Olga Ribler – you can even order custom made jewellery from her at great prices!

Stylish sneakers

Stylish sneakers will also make a nice touch to your travel outfit. Scuffed and grubby sneakers are a thing of the past. This year it’s all about having crisp clean sneakers!

These are from Michel Kors (last year but they have a lovely selection this year too).


A maxi Dress

Whatever you do, make sure you have at least one maxi dress in your suitcase when travelling to London – you’ll thank me! This one is from one of my  favourite Zurich designers paradis des innocents.

How to get an empty underground train for a photo shoot

How to get an empty underground train for a photo shoot – smile. Everyone has been asking me this…

Basically we were just lucky, we started at Richmond. On one side the carriage was full and the other empty. I jumped inside, told my hubby to stand there where the people were and then it was a matter of being super fast before anyone else stepped into our lovely empty side of the train. In every photo I am basically barking “hurry up” – poor photographer – haha!


Discovering a new Fortnum & Mason Restaurant

For those of you that are Fortnum & Mason fans – we discovered a relatively new Fortnum and Mason restaurant at the Royal Exchange! We were able to book a table 10 minutes before wanting to eat. So nice to avoid the crowds. There is even a Fortum & Mason shop there!

The Sky Garden

Another first for us was visiting the Sky Garden, London’s highest public garden. Entry is free and there are times you can go even without a reservation. However if you want to take some very pretty instagramable pictures I recommend you book a table and go when the general public are not allowed up – much less crowded.

To get there take the underground train to Tower Bridge and then walk about 5 minutes.

I felt somewhat nostalgic sitting by the window looking out onto a building I used to work inside on my business trips to London…


Silky evening dress and black blazer

For the evening I packed another favourite silky maxi dress of mine with black blazer. You can not go wrong wearing this combination out in London.

Pictures are taken at the new bar at the  ROUX AT THE LANDAU in the London Langham Hotel. It has a lovely traditional yet modern atmosphere. Be sure to speak to the barkeeper – all you need to do is name a few of your favourite ingredients and she will make the most amazing bespoke cocktail especially for you.


Another maxi skirt

I had packed 2 maxi skirts – always great for combining in different ways. This one is from See by Chloe – available here online.

These pictures were taken in Richmond. So pretty with all it’s green spaces. Not to forget Richmond park. Each morning we got up at 7am (amazing for my non-morning hubby), and went for a run through the park. Meeting deer, squirrels and pretty birds en route… I am missing these beautiful morning runs!


If you do go to Richmond you might like to have a drink at the newly renovated Richmond Hill Hotel…


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  1. Richmond is just around the corner to where I live. It’s beautiful and a great place for tourists. I ha to have my photo done on a busy underground train for Superdrug last year. It was daunting! xx

  2. Wish i was there with you ! Looks like you had a fab time. I agree I hate going away and look like a tourist it’s embarrassing.

    1. I can imagine Laurie, it was a bit daunting photographing in the train – you can imagine me saying hurry up all the time 😉

      Love Richmond, you are lucky to live nearby!
      Have a great week,
      Yvonne xxx

  3. I love your tips and the great effort less style that ypu have!. Thanks! It is very usefull your information and your tips.
    Kisses! 🙂

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