How to add an Italian Touch to Your Lace

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Sitting here dressed in my pretty new dress from Mille Milano thinking of my last trip to Milan….I really missed that lack of street style but it did teach me to look and listen more to the ideas of the designers themselves.

This post is about adding an Italian touch to your lace. Lace being one of those things which you need to think a little out of the box when styling to make sure you get the most out of your look. The Italian touches being something I learnt from dear Mariana herself – owner/designer of Mille Milano.


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How to add an Italian Touch to Your Lace

Let’s start with the basics – by adding a hat. Especially this baker boy hat. It will make such a difference to almost any outfit but certainly adds a bit of funk to this lace dress.

See the dress above without hat and then below with…

How to add an Italian Touch to Your Lace

Heels are an obvious must when it comes to Italian styling. I can not imagine a single Italian wearing lace without heels.

At the same time here I am contemplating shortening the dress ever so slightly so that I can wear it with sneakers too. This could be due to what my hubby refers to as my “New Zealand taste”. However I know if I can style it with sneakers then I will certainly get a lot more wear out of the dress. But does every dress need to be worn a lot or is it OK to save the odd one for special occasions only?

How to add an Italian Touch to Your Lace

The next Italian trick is to style your lace with one of these fabulous short Chanel style jackets. I love this combined look and let’s face it, it’s perfect for the changeable summer weather we’re having this year.

All the same the outfit really is much cuter with hat than without – smile!

How to add an Italian Touch to Your Lace


Outfit details:

Dress – Mille Milano available in black here

Dress – Mille Milano available as mini here

Hat – Mille Milano available here

Jacket  – Mille Milano available here


All Mille Milano items are:

“Designed and tailored with love respect and heart exclusively in Milan by the best craftsmen, well-known for their ethical production standards and high quality finishing processing, Millé Milano collections proves that looking timeless and gorgeous can be effortless.”

Read my previous article about Mille Milano – a brand that I consider as being Milano’s hottest fashion secret.



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How to add an Italian Touch to Your Lace



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  1. HI dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I really love that dress it looks very pretty with or without the hat

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