Hidden Hairdresser from Heaven!

180_photo_205212Haven’t we all been there…tried out a new hairdresser and wished we’d been at the dentist instead as that would have been less painful…

Here are a few tips to make sure that doesn’t happen to you any more and a super secret tip of my latest hidden hairdresser discovery in Zurich! Note this post is totally unsponsored – I feel I have to write it because of all the seriously tragic hair stories I have experienced in the past!

My super nice hairdresser is on maternity leave…so time to find a new one…

Do’s for choosing a new hairdresser:

  1. Ask a friend of yours who always has fab hair where she goes.
  2. Watch people walking down the street and ask a stranger with fab hair where they go.
  3. Choose a hair dresser who has a great hair style themselves.
  4. One of my best friends insists all you need to do is go to Italy – smile!

Don’ts for choosing a new hairdresser:

  1. Go to your husbands hairdresser – last time I did that they dyed my hair black instead of blond and I swear my German is not that bad!
  2. Let anyone touch your hair who has dodgy hair themselves – last time I did that my hair turned out soooo bad they didn’t charge me for it!
  3. Go into a no appointment salon and think you’ll go out looking OK – wake up, smell the coffee – it’s hardly likely to happen!

Hidden Hairdresser Discovery in Zurich:

A big thanks to my special friend Cara for this tip!


Coiffeur YASIN GmbH

YASIN comes from Istanbul where he used to do backstage fashion for Fashion Weeks so he certainly knows his stuff.

I went in wanting serious treatment to be done to horrendous grey roots and he literally worked magic within minutes.

Less than 2 hours later I was out of the salon with newly coloured and styled hair – all for CHF 90 including a cup of delicious Turkish tea – I am going back!

There is parking for 2 cars just outside the salon!

Address: Aemtlerstrasse 32, 8003 Zürich


All pictures in this post from YASIN’s site.

Wishing you all a fab Thursday and if you want to see what my hair looks like you are going to have to come to FunkyForty’s event at “Champagne & Shirts” tonight!



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  1. I’ve been to my husband’s hairdresser before and found her to be so scissor happy! She cut way more off than I wanted – however, as it grew, it grew beautifully – the layers were perfect. But I’d avoid going again because of her being like Edward Scissorhands!
    Suzy x

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