Heavenly Hot Hats!


Going through my Paris and Milan Fashion Week photos made me realise just what a difference a hat can make to your entire  outfit. The classic example being this fabulous hat shown above – we all looked at the hat and almost forgot about the rest of this women as she turned up in her “grande head attire”!

Here are some of the calmer hat versions worn during Fashion Weeks – despite being calmer they all had a statement of their own to make and the most fabulous thing of all about hats is I don’t believe they ever go out of fashion! Buy yourself one that you love, spend a fortune on it and keep it for life – I mean this seems to be the right thing to do if you ask me – smile – at the same time having to admit that my personal favourite hat is one I bought for Euro 5 at the street markets in the Provence several years ago (shhhh – that is almost embarrassing).

Just the other day though, in town with my daughter we discovered the following hats in a little cheap and cheerful store Six…of course my daughter also fell in love with their jewellery – note the ring – I had to make a run for it before I was seriously broke!

I also spotted the following hats online in Zara which I think look quite cute (although I now have advertising on the side bar – still no affiliate links to products and even when there will be it will remain my policy to only write my own honest opinion):



Another example of the timelessness of hats is a photo I took of a woman wearing many hats Spring 2011!


Happy Hat Hunting.



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