Health Tips You Will Love!

How often do we read health tips and then groan as they are things we just know we couldn’t commit to…well here are 5 tips taken from Dr. med. Michael Prang that you will love – promise – smile!

1. Spinach or Chocolate?

Ok, granted spinach is good for you but if you’re low on iron, chocolate contains just as much of it as spinach – roll on chocolate!!!


2. Drink two litres of water a day?

drinking-water (1) For those of you who find this hard to do – the rule of thumb is the body needs 30ml liquid per kilo body weight. This doesn’t have to be purely water as many of the foods we eat also contain liquids!


3. Vegetarians live longer?

FullSizeRender-1 The truth is that most vegetarians live longer due to their life style rather than the fact they are vegetarian – so enjoy a little meat every now and again! (FunkyForty NZ lamb with mint pea mash and rosemary potatoes above).


4. The healthiest sleep is that before midnight?


It’s not when you go to sleep that matters – it’s the quality of sleep you have. Good news for all of you that like to stay up till the wee hours but manage to have a great REM sleep! (my hubby will like this – smile)


5. Salt is bad for blood pressure?

eat-less-salt-sodium We now find this is not necessarily so – in fact salt is super important for the body! I for one know a woman who eats a teaspoon of salt every day (OK unimaginable to me but true) and she is now 97 years old…is it the salt acting as a preservative?


If you enjoyed these health tips you might look into getting Dr. med. Michael Prang’s book with 101 health tips – where traditional myth has been questioned and tested.

Wishing you all a Tremendous Thursday!

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  1. Hi Suzy, Going to be posting the easiest brownie recipe out soon 😉 Shame you are not in Zurich as on Sunday there will be a Woman’s Expo and i’ll be giving away brownies at the Blackrabbit photo stand. 😉

    Yvonne xx

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