Grey Hair No More – Hair Pigmentation thanks to Phyto RE30

Grey Hair No More - Grey Hair Pigmentation thanks to Phyto RE30

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll already know that I’ve been testing Phyto RE30. A revolutionary formula capable of re-pigmenting the hair at the roots. At the same time restoring hair strength and suppleness.

It’s been an incredibly interesting exercise and i’ve learnt so much about the process of hair greying (also known as “Canities”). Who would ever have thought that it was truly possible to reverse this process.

Keep reading to find out more, what causes Canities and how this process can be reversed.


Grey Hair No More –  Hair Pigmentation thanks to Phyto RE30

The causes of Canities

Many factors can cause Canities  such as age, genetics, stress as well as environmental factors. Scientific studies have shown that grey hair is affecting more and more younger people. In addition to becoming grey the hair tends to become more brittle, frizzier and unmanageable.

Canities or hair greying is due to 2 main processes:

  1. Melanin deficiency  – when our natural pigment is no longer synthesized and transferred to the hair.
  2. An accumulation of hydrogen peroxide that discolours the existing pigment. Hydrogen peroxide is produced by our metabolism. Younger bodies are able to reduce the amount of hydrogen peroxide in their bodies with the enzyme catalase. As we get older this enzyme remains only partly active, hence the increase in hydrogen peroxide and greying of the hair.


How Phyto RE30 can combat the grey hair process

Grey Hair No More - Grey Hair Pigmentation thanks to Phyto RE30

After 6 years of research based on advanced genomic techniques and the screening of over 70 active ingredients a selection of the most effective anti-greying peptide was made.

Phyto RE30 is 98% based on plant extracts, including purple tulips.  Purple tulips are known for their high antioxidant phenol content with great anti-aging properties.

The extract is able to act on KAPs (Keratin Associated Protiens), an essential hair fibre component. The product works by boosting the pigmentation of your hair via melanin synthesis and preventing depigmentation.

Through a booster effect the enzyme catalase is brought back into action, reducing the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the body and preventing grey hair from growing back

In addition to restoring colour the hair becomes stronger and much more manageable with increased suppleness.

  • no added colour pigments
  • no silicone
  • 98% plant based

Grey Hair No More - Grey Hair Pigmentation thanks to Phyto RE30


Usage and my experience

It takes 3 months to notice the full effects but for now I have been pleased with the lovely non-oily feel to the spray which I have – as instructed – been applying to the roots of my hair in 8 pumps each morning. The hair can be dry or wet which is useful for those days I don’t wash my hair.

Super quick and easy to use, also useful for styling hair on those non wash days as it gives my hair that little bit of extra structure, making it more manageable.

One bottle is needed per month of treatment and it takes 3 months to fully notice the effects.

Grey Hair No More - Grey Hair Pigmentation thanks to Phyto RE30


A little history

Phyto Paris was founded in 1965 by the celebrity Parisian Hairdresser – Patrick Alès. A strong believer in healthy hair starting with a healthy scalp. In his early days as a hairdresser he was concerned with the effects hair products were having on the hands of many hairdressers. If this was what was happening to the hands surely it can’t be good for the scalp either.

Always having had a passion for gardening he used his passion to become a pioneer in the usage of plant based products for hair.  The company gardens now contain over 500 different plants and flowers which are perpetually used for new hair research.

Patrick’s very first salon near the Champs Élysées, is still open today, where his A-list clients include Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It is on my list for essential places to visit next time in Paris!


Grey Hair No More - Grey Hair Pigmentation thanks to Phyto RE30

Where to buy:

In Switzerland Phyto RE 30 is exclusively available in Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality pharmacies.

It is also available online here .


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  1. It looks very interesting and something you have to think about and even try and find out the result thank you very much

  2. Have you got any positive results? I mean, did your white hair turn into black? I am also planning to use this product but first i am researching about user comments, thank you in advance.

  3. If you are still using this product. That means you have used the product for 3 months now. What are ur reviews abt this now as you might have completed the required time period.

  4. Hello

    Thank you very much for you good information
    I am 33 years old and 90 % of my hair is gray and now my eyebrow started to be gray
    I need to dye my hair every week and it is very bad
    If I use phyto, can I use hair color until my hair turns to its original color?
    Can I use for my eyebrow?

    Please guide me
    Thank you

  5. Hi Yvonne, what is your experiance after round about one year? Does it really work? Can you really rcommand this product? Many thanks! Max

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