Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

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A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Kneipp to Frankfurt to experience a 2 day “Goodbye Stress, Hello Energy” event.

I have always seen the Kneipp products in the shops. However it was super interesting to learn about the 5 main holistic health pillars which form the base of all Kneipp products.

A little Kneipp history:

In 1849 Sebastian Kneipp began studying theology, however he became very sick with Tuberculosis.  By chance, he discovered a book by the physician Johann Siegmund Hahn on the healing power of cold water.

Fascinated  Kneipp performed an experiment on himself by taking a quick dip in the cold Danube river for a few seconds followed by a brief sprint. He was amazed at the result. It made him feel invigorated and fresh. Repeating this ritual over time he managed to totally cure himself.

He started helping others too by spreading the news of his water therapy. In 1855 he even cured an entire herd of cattle from foot and mouth disease by using his water applications.

Over time this therapy was enhanced with additional healing methods and a holistic health concept Kneipp’s Five Pillars for body and mind was developed.

Keep reading to find out more about the 5 holistic health Kneipp pillars. Easy concepts we can all implement into our every day lives. Plus the new “Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp” product line.

Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp


Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

As mentioned according to Sebastian Kneipp one of the best ways to say goodbye stress and hello energy is by implementing the 5 Kneipp pillars into your every day life. We learnt just how easy they are:


Pillar 1: Water
Photo: Kneipp expert Manuela Schrecke

Did you know that super easy water applications can make a huge difference to your well being?

We learnt about the simple leg affusion which has the following effect:

  • Eases and loosens the muscles of the leg
  • Provides cooling on warm days and vice versa.
  • The cold stimulus trains the vessels and strengthens the immune system
  • Helps combat varicose veins, spider veins and swollen legs
  • Firms the skin during weight loss – especially in the case of cellulite
  • Helps promote sleep

Detailed instructions here.


Pillar 2: NutritionGoodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp was fully committed to “simple, nutritious fare” by cooking your own food and using fresh, unprocessed, locally sourced ingredients and plants. To celebrate this we spent the whole two days dedicated to eating freshly prepared vegetarian meals made from local produce.

For more vegetarian inspiration:

“The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook by Salma Hage”


Pillar 3: Exercise
Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

We all know that regular daily exercise supports and strengthens your body’s auto-immune system and ability to defend against illnesses. However it’s also important to keep your mind active.

We enjoyed a great anti-stress workshop with life coach Felix Klemme – see more here.


Pillar 4: Plants and Remedies

Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

We learnt about the super food properties of nettles. Did you know the seeds have a slight nutty flavour to them and contain vitamins C, A and E as well as many unsaturated fats. As a result they work as a wonderful pickle up. Perfect for when we are feeling tired.

Recipe for the most amazing vegetarian energy balls:

4-5 dried dates, 4-5 dried plums, 1 tbsp water. 1-2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 50g ground hazelnuts

Place the dates, plums and water in food processor and mix until a smooth past forms. Then add the remaining ingredients ad form small balls. Finally roll the balls in nettle seeds to coat. If desired roll again in pretty edible flowers as decoration.


Pillar 5: Balance

Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

Balance is an essential pillar in the Kneipp philosophy as it combines all of the learnings from the other pillars to contribute to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

it’s all about maintaining a healthy balance to everything we do. In honour of this we had a Qi Gong lesson by Sifu Kai Uwe on the roof top of the Sofitel hotel in Frankfurt.

Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

Feeling very balanced and healthy whilst doing the FunkyForty hover together with Kneipp expert Manuela Schrecke – smile!


New Goodbye Stress Hello Energy Product line

Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

The simplest way for you too to do something for your health is to start with the new Goodby Stress  product range from Kneipp.

Water mint and rosemary are key elements of this product range  and proven to have the effect of learning the head and relieving stress.

All bottles are made out of 100% recycled PET and the labels are made from stone instead of wood – thus protecting our forests.

Goodbye Stress Hello Energy with Kneipp

All products available online here 

or in Switzerland in your local COOP or Migros supermarket.

Prices ranging from EUR 1.19 for the Bath crystals to EUR 6.99 for the body lotion or scented candle, are another wonderful thing about Kneipp – making it a wellness treat for everyone.

Note: this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


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