Freitag – Much more than just a bag!


Visiting the flagship Freitag store today – that wonderful tower of containers that has been turned into a shop! Once inside the shop a whole new world began to unfold as I learnt more about Frietag, the company that started in 1993 by two graphic designer brothers on the look out for a messenger bag – heavy duty and water resistant to carry their designs.  This does not stop at the fact that their bags are made out of used truck tarps, old bicycle inner tubes and used second hand car seat-belt webbing.

Four Funky Freitag Facts:

1. The roof top of the Zurich shop is dedicated their favourite sport “Truck Spotting”

2. Their store in Lausanne has mushrooms growing in the basement:

3. Friday on Thursday – a lecture series presented in cooperation with REPORTAGEN magazine in the Friday stores but on Thursdays – provides a look at one of the most fascinating forms of journalism and encourages discussion about it. Next session on 22 January in Freitag store Berlin.

4. They need to buy approximately 440 tons of tarp each year – if you put all of these tarps in one row that would make 60 miles of tarp! Full story here

I really love the Reference collection – here are some of my favourites:

The bags are priced fairly – another big plus!

Yvonne x

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