Foodie Madness – Vote for FunkyForty!

Hi everyone,

Foodie Madness is a food competition in collaboration with Accor Hotels. 16 Bloggers from 16 different countries competing in duels. Each blogger cooking their favourite local specialty.


Foodie Madness


Foodie Madness – Vote for FunkyForty!

I feel so honoured to be part of this competition. Each blogger had to make a 2 minute video of their favourite dish. We each face another blogger in duel and You will vote for the best recipe! The winner of the duel goes onto the next stage with a total of 4 stages.

My favourite Swiss dish:

Züri Geschnetzlets with Chocolate – a secret recipe!

Duel 1 Switzerland vs Spain!

Thursday 5th October 10am – 11th October 6pm!

Foodie Madness Voting Page 

Video of Recipe

Recipe on AccorHotels Magazine

Partner restaurant

Foodie Madness - Vote For FunkyForty!

Foodie Madness - Vote For FunkyForty!


Wishing you a Fabulous Foodie Day!

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